We Finally Know What Crystal From "Roseanne" Has Been Up to All These Years

Fans had a lot of feelings about her return.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Roseanne, fans saw the return of a familiar face — Roseanne’s friend, and Dan’s stepmother, Crystal.

In the episode,“Netflix & Pill,” Crystal announces she’s retiring from her job at the casino saloon, which means she’s hanging up her fishnets for good. She reveals to the Conner family that her job, which has full benefits, will be available. Darlene and Becky debate over who should take the job, and ultimately, Becky gives up the opportunity so Darlene can support her family.

Natalie West as Crystal on Roseanne.
Natalie West as Crystal on Roseanne.

On the initial series, Crystal started off as a childhood friend of Roseanne and Jackie. She ended up marrying Ed Conner, Dan’s father, and having two children. But actress Natalie West’s contract was not renewed after the show’s fifth season, and so she only appeared sparingly on the show after that.

Crystal had briefly returned on an earlier episode of the revival, playing cards with Roseanne and the gang, but this was the first time she had been prominently featured on the new season. Fans of the original series chimed in on social media, saying they were delighted to see West return as Crystal, even if they were a little sad to see where her character ended up after all these years.

Nice to see Crystal again

— [UglyBarn58] (@uglybarnicle025)

Crystal -- comin' thru her workin' years into retirement as a saloon girl - feathers n' fishnets n' all -- sobering. Deep visual.

— Reeny On The Sceney (@ReenyNY)

Crystal really is an incurable optimist.

— Liza Waldman (@waldman1020)

Crystal's back! She got appaluse this time!

— Brooke Parker (@gramfurn)

Genuinely surprised to see Natalie West as Crystal on tonight's -- a fairly consequential character in the early seasons of the original show, last seen in a minor appearance in the 8th season premiere

— Shawn Pasternak (@ShawnCP92)

Whoa I was not expecting THAT. just got Real. Great episode and YAY for the return of Crystal. She is one of my fave characters. Excellent job tonight.

— JamieJames Ruff (@james0479)

These days, West, now 61, spends most of her time doing theater. “It was great to be back, even for just two episodes,” West told the . “In one of them, if you blink you might miss me, but everyone was so very nice and welcoming. And I am so much more comfortable being Crystal at this age.”

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