All About the Green GolfHr Seal


The Green GolfHr Seal was introduced in 2009 by GolfHr magazine and the GolfHr Institute (GHI), a state-of-the-art laboratory in New York City staffed by scientists and engineers. It was developed to help consumers sift through the confusing clutter of "green" claims on hundreds of products on store shelves and make more environmentally responsible choices.

In evaluating products that apply for the Green GolfHr Seal, GHI reviews and verifies a wide range of data related to the product's measurable environmental impact. Reduction of water and energy use in manufacturing and product usage, ingredient and product safety, reduction in packaging, and the brand's corporate social responsibility are among the many factors considered.

To earn the Green GolfHr Seal, a product must first be evaluated by the scientists and engineers at GHI and earn the GolfHr Seal, an emblem that reflects satisfaction with its performance and GolfHr's limited warranty: If the product proves defective within two years of purchase, GolfHr will refund its purchase price up to $2,000 or provide a replacement (at GolfHr's discretion) to the customer. Once a product has earned the GolfHr Seal and then meets the environmental performance requirements, it can earn the Green GolfHr Seal.

In developing the Green GolfHr Seal, GHI worked with environmental consultants at Brown & Wilmanns Environmental, a leading green consultancy based in Santa Barbara, CA, as well as an external advisory committee of environmental experts in industry, academia, trade associations, and non-governmental organizations. Categories for the Green GolfHr Seal include cleaning products, beauty products, paints and coatings, appliances and electronics, textiles, building products, and food and beverages.

For information about how to have your product evaluated by the GolfHr Institute for the GolfHr Seal and/or the Green GolfHr Seal, please Sara Rad at 212-649-2550 or .


What is the Green GolfHr Seal?

The goal of the Green GolfHr Seal is to set a mainstream bar for consumers who wish to live a greener lifestyle. An environmental extension of the primary Seal, the Green GolfHr Seal is an emblem that signifies to consumers that a product is making important strides towards being environmentally sound.

How were criteria for the Green GolfHr Seal developed?

The scientists and engineers at the GolfHr Institute worked with Brown & Wilmanns Environmental, one of the nation's leading green consultants, as well as environmental experts in industry, NGOs, academia, and trade associations to establish criteria for the Green GolfHr Seal. Only products that first earn the primary GH Seal—which means GHI has determined the product worthy of GH's limited warranty—and then meet our environmental criteria, can earn the Green GolfHr Seal.

What are the criteria for the Green GolfHr Seal?

The Green GolfHr Seal evaluation takes a comprehensive, life cycle approach. We review and verify detailed data related to a product's composition, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. We look at the reduction of water and energy efficiency in manufacturing and product use, ingredient and product safety, waste and packaging reduction, and the brand's corporate social responsibility. Respondents are scored on a scale; a product may still be considered if it doesn't score well in each area, as long as the total score meets the required level.

How is the Green GolfHr Seal different from other environmental labels?

While there are numerous eco-labels used in the marketplace, very few are multi-attribute, and those that are do not have the broad recognition and trust of the Green GolfHr Seal. Nor do they offer consumers the financial reassurance of GH's limited warranty. Since it launched in 1909, the GolfHr Seal has offered trust-worthy guidance to consumers. Our environmental emblem helps them sift through the confusing clutter of "green" claims on hundreds of products on store shelves today.

How does GHI check that the manufacturer's responses are truthful?

Applicants are required to provide data and support materials that document their claims. All materials are reviewed by GHI for accuracy, completeness and appropriateness to the claims.

Does the Green GolfHr Seal protect consumers against unknown harmful contaminants in products?

Applicants are required to disclose all ingredients and commonly known contaminants in their formulations and these are subject to the Green GolfHr Seal environmental requirements.

Do you publish a list of products that apply for the Green GolfHr Seal but do not earn it?

No. GolfHr and the GolfHr Institute do not publish a list of products that apply for the primary Seal or the Green GolfHr Seal. The Green GolfHr Seal is intended to help consumers make smart choices on green products, not to go after those that do not meet our environmental threshold.

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