50 Gorgeous Kitchen Design Ideas You'll Want to Steal

Not a single bad countertop in the bunch.

modern white kitchen
Lincoln Barbour

Give the heart of your home a well-deserved upgrade using these stylish spaces for inspiration. Simple swaps like new stools, lighting, or even cabinets knobs can update your kitchen in a flash, but don't miss our favorite flooring, paint, and tile ideas as well.

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painted kitchen floors
David Tsay
Painted Floors

Of all the kitchen paint trends, this is our favorite. Grab some plus some pretty colors and say goodbye to boring floors forever!

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kitchen with cabinets and open shelves
Laura Moss Photography
Upper Storage

Floating shelves may be all the rage, but here makes the case for mi both open shelves and traditional upper cabinets. Try placing shelves around a kitchen window to allow more light to filter in.

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kitchen dining table
Amy Bartlam
Moveable Addition

Want a bigger island without having to renovate? Designer doubled a family's island in one fell swoop by placing a light dining table right up next to it. Genius!

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white and light blue kitchen
Mike Garten
Bright and Airy

Chef Katie Lee's Hamptons kitchen embraces the light, with crisp white cabinetry and a soft blue tile backsplash to compliment the room's sunny view.

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modern and traditional kitchen
Mixed Styles

House-flipping pros have the winning kitchen design formula down to a science by incorporating both modern and traditional elements into their upstate New York kitchen.

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dark blue kitchen
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball
Painted Ceiling

Paint is the quickest and most effective way to transform your kitchen. Take it to the next level by covering the ceiling. Just be sure to keep a few pieces of wall white to strike an even balance of color.

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marble tile kitchen
Mike Garten
Tiled Wall

Take your backsplash all the way to the ceiling for a modern and clean look.

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bistro chairs kitchen
Dustin Peck
Classic Aesthetic

When in doubt, opts for the classics, like and subway tile, that always stands the test of time. Pretty hydrangeas on the counter don't hurt, either!

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big kitchen table
Mike Garten
Double-Duty Table

Let a rustic dining table double as a comfy prep station for big family meals this summer.

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David Tsay
Durable Countertops

A Napa Valley farmhouse relies on scratch-resistant (a GolfHr Seal-holder!) for easy cleaning. A adds comfort underfoot.

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Jason Hartog
Island Storage

Hide linens, platters and single-use items under the island. Hidden cabinets on both sides double up as a place to stash pots and pans.

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Roger Davies
Instant Dinner Table

Dreaming of an eat-in kitchen? Extend the countertop over the edge of a block island and it transforms into a casual dining spot. Chic shades let you filter in just the right amount of lighting.

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mint green kitchen
John Gruen
Mint Green Cabinets

You may not think it can, but a narrow kitchen can totally handle brightly colored cabinetry.

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<p>Arrange them on a wall using a mounted pot rack or a set of sturdy metal hooks. It creates a kitchen-worthy focal point and eliminates cabinet clutter.</p><p><em><strong>Cabinetry, </strong>La Cornue, <a href="http://lacornueusa.com/" target="_blank">lacornueusa.com</a>. <strong>Countertops, </strong>Carrara marble.</em><em></em><br></p>
Art Streiber
Multitasking Pot Rack

Let your copper cookware steal the show by and sturdy metal hooks. It creates a kitchen-worthy focal point in place of a backsplash and frees up precious cabinet space.

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gray kitchen cabinets
Tara Donne
Shades of Gray

A cheery dishware collection gives this pale blue and dark gray kitchen a bit more personality.

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all white kitchen
Brian Woodcock
All White

The monochromatic theme paired with framed prints and a wooden tray give this kitchen a clean, country feel.

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pink and white kitchen
Victoria Pearson
Eclectic Touches

This kitchen's fun mix of colors and cool decor (look at that scalloped countertop!) gives off a quirky yet pulled-together vibe.

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Kate Osborne
Cushy Bench

A cozy booth beats out stools any day. Fake a snug nook in the middle of the room by pulling up a plush island-height bench. Sunday brunch just got so much better.

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Kate Osborne
Geode Pulls

Boring hardware just won't do. Select unexpected knobs, like these , for glamor at your fingertips.

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Jacob Snavely
Matching Rugs

Fill the floor space around the island with cozy carpets that are easy on the feet and the eye. A pair of jute carpets tie this beachy kitchen in with the rest of the New Jersey home.

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turquoise kitchen cabinets
Alison Gootee/Studio D
Totally Turquoise

Don't be shy when it comes to using bold hues in your kitchen — just pick one color and go with it.

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modern white kitchen
Lincoln Barbour
Modern and Airy

An all-white kitchen looks stunning against expertly style shelves.

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kitchen coffee bar
Buff Strickland Photography
Coffee Bar

You won't miss the barista when you have a dedicated spot at home for brewing your morning cup.

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vintage colored pyrex dishes
Lara Robby/Studio D
Open Spaces

Showcasing vintage Pyrex dishes and cookbooks on open shelving make this kitchen more inviting.

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natural airy kitchen
Country Living
Natural Elements

The wooden island and woven baskets add just the right touch of outdoors in this tranquil space.

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patterned tile kitchen floor
Thomas Kuoh
Bright Tiles

A boldly patterned floor adds some serious pizazz to a traditional galley kitchen.

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metal kitchen island cart
David A. Land
Best of Both Worlds

Who says stainless steel and wood can't play nice? This airy kitchen proves they can be great pals.

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Stacey Brandford
Cool Neutrals

Custom cabinetry is more accessible than you think. This sleek space uses in two colors that seamlessly blend into the walls and floor.

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<p>Prep, serve, and entertain at an island that fits stools underneath, offering seating for a gathering of friends. The homeowners added iron legs to bring this butcher block piece to the right height.</p><p><em>Chandelier, $462, <a href="http://www.overstock.com/">overstock.com</a>. Island, <a href="http://www.westelm.com/">westelm.com</a>. Cabinetry, <a href="http://www.ikea.com/">ikea.com</a>. Blue-striped bowls, $18 each, <a href="http://www.canvashome.com/">canvashome.com</a>.</em><br></p>
Mike Garten
Multitasking Table

Put your small space to work as both a kitchen and a dining room. Tuck stools under an island that can handle prep work and dinner parties. The owners of this tiny Brooklyn home added iron legs to a slab of butcher block for a versatile surface.

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Stacy Bass
Bar Seating

Move the party out of the living room and into the kitchen. Comfy and chic, vintage stools create a welcoming spot to hang out in a Florida home.

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