The Best Mattresses That Come in a Box

Read this BEFORE you order.

Betsy Farrell

You spend a third of your day on a mattress, so choosing which to buy is an important decision. Online brands have changed the way you can shop by letting you try them out at home instead of guessing the best fit in a store. But with so many companies claiming to give you the best sleep ever, they all start to seem the same. These brands, hand-picked by the GolfHr Textiles Lab, offer unique features, excellent service, and great feedback from our reviewers.

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Budget Buy: Tuft & Needle
tuft and needle mattress
Tuft & Needle

$575 for a queen

Tuff & Needle was priced lowest among its competitors, but still stands out as a . This simple model has two layers of foam: a firm, support layer on the bottom and a cushy, cooling layer on top. Our panel particularly liked the brand for its friendly customer service.

Box-Free: Saatva Luxury Firm
saatva luxury firm mattress

$999 for a queen

Unlike most online mattresses, this one is made with innersprings and is more like the traditional style mattress you'll find in stores. A free delivery service sets it up for you and takes away your old mattress, but you still get the online perks of trying it out for 120 days (though there's a $99 return pickup fee).

Try Before You Buy: tulo

$650 for a queen

This one offers the best of both in-store and online shopping: You can test it at any Mattress Firm location before buying online. The company also sets it up for you and hauls away your old mattress. There are three foam styles to chose from: soft, medium, or firm.

Personalized: Helix

$995 for a queen

Fill out a survey about your sleep habits, and Helix builds a "custom" mattress for you with layers of foam, latex, and microcoils. They can even personalize each side, so you and your sleeping partner don't have to fight about which mattress to get.

Two-Sided: Layla Sleep
best mattresses in a box - layla sleep mattress
Layla Sleep

$899 for a queen

Unsure if you need a soft or firm option? This foam style gives you both: Just flip the mattress to change the support level. It has copper built-in to help keep you cool and avoid the overheating that is typically associated with memory foam.

Use the code "GH100" for $100 off any size mattress.

Innovative Material: Purple
purple mattress

$999 and for a queen

This brand stands out for its grid-shaped elastic material in the top layer that's designed to provide both support and pressure relief without getting too hot like some memory foams. The original model has just foam below the grid, but with foam and coils are also available for added pressure relief and airflow.

Most Popular: Casper
casper mattress

$995 for a queen

The name Casper is synonymous with "mattress-in-a-box." Its four foam layers range from soft to firm to offer comfort and support, which our testers loved (especially the under-40 crowd). Depending on what you're looking for there's a (with less layers) and a (with more).

Smart Bed: Eight Sleep Jupiter+
eight sleep jupiter mattress
Eight Sleep

$1,099 for a queen

It's got foam on the inside, but the high-tech cover can track your sleep, warm you up, and even wake you at an optimal time based on your preset alarm. There are also and options depending on how many layers and coils you prefer.

Ergonomically Designed: Snuz
snuz mattress

$850 for a queen

This mattress has grooves in the foam at your shoulders and hips to reduce pressure, and stays firmer in other areas where you need more support. It's also designed to help reduce tossing and turning incase your partner is a night dancer.


Don't shop online without checking these factors first:

Delivery Options: Some ship in boxes (you set it up yourself), while others have white glove service (they do all the work and take your old mattress). Surprisingly, most testers found the DIY set-up to be less of a hassle than scheduling a delivery.

Return Policy: There should be a trial period so you can sleep on it for at least a month. If you don't like it, most brands will pick up the mattress and donate it.

Certified Materials: Many are made with foam, so look for legit certifications like CertiPUR-US (all of these picks have it) or GreenGuard to avoid unsafe levels of chemicals.

Your Bed's Base: Some materials, especially foam, work better on a flat, hard surface. If you have slats, they should be close together to avoid mattress sagging. Don't forget to measure the frame to ensure the mattress will fit: Though sizes are typically standard, one tester found out the bed was an inch too narrow.

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