Cooking Tips

How to Grill Anything (And Impress Your Friends)

Your cheat sheet for how to grill steaks, veggies, burgers — you name it.

Hard Boiled Eggs
How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Start practicing now and you'll be a pro by Easter.

Varieties of fresh lettuce
11 Different Types of Lettuce to Try

Are you in more of a frisée mood or having a kale craving?

how to melt chocolate in the microwave
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how to uncork a champagne bottle
How to Uncork a Champagne Bottle So It Doesn't Hit Anyone in the Head

Because one of the saddest things in life is wasted booze.

how to roast pumpkin seeds
These Easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Make the Perfect Fall Snack

You'll be baking up these babies allllll season long.

Storing Plastic Wrap in the Freezer Makes It WAY Easier to Handle
Storing Plastic Wrap in the Freezer Makes It WAY Easier to Handle

We tried it, and never again will we put this stuff in a drawer.

mashed potato mistakes
The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Make Cooking Mashed Potatoes

For starters, don't add butter straight out of the fridge.

how to cut butternut squash
How to Prepare Butternut Squash in 4 Simple Steps

This gourd is surprisingly easy to work with. Trust.

grocery shopping
10 Smart Moves for Getting Out of the Grocery Store Faster

For starters, you've been making your shopping lists wrong.

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how to make fried rice
How to Make Fried Rice That's Better Than Takeout

Who needs to wait for the delivery guy when you can easily whip up this tasty dish?

how to cook broccoli
This Is the Absolute Best Way to Roast Broccoli

Our Test Kitchen knows how to get your kids to eat their greens.

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best way to make baked potato
2 Easy Ways to Make Perfect Baked Potatoes

There's a reason spuds are a pantry staple.

How to cook shrimp
2 Ways to Make Perfect, Juicy Shrimp — Every Single Time

We found a yuck-free trick to remove the veins.