how to get rid of cellulite

Skincare & Anti-Aging

Can Anything Get Rid of Cellulite?

Read this before you book any expensive treatments.

How to remove body hair
Body Hair Removal Products

Plus, the only hair removal products you should use.

Do Jade Rollers work?
Do Jade Rollers Work?

The science behind the big skincare claims.

Studio shot of young beautiful woman
Best Cystic Acne Treatments

Expert advice to nix even the most severe acne.

Natural Sunscreens
11 Best Natural and Mineral-Based Sunscreens
These picks are your best bets for natural, organic, or mineral-base…
From top product picks to stop-the-clock tricks, we've got the latest on anti-aging cosmetics and skincare that will help shave years off your look!
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Best Adult Acne Treatment
9 Best Treatments to Banish Adult Acne

What's the deal with adult acne? Four experts weigh in.

How to treat acne scars
9 Tried-and-True Products That Heal Acne Scars

Dark spots and pock-marked skin, begone!

facial hair removal
9 Gentle and Effective Ways to Remove Your Facial Hair

That upper lip peach fuzz has officially overstayed its welcome.

make pores look smaller
11 Expert-Approved Ways to Shrink Pores for Porcelain Skin

Yes, you can instantly camouflage and minimize pores.

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how long does a sunburn last
How to Make Your Sunburn Heal Faster

This tip is so helpful for when you're out of aloe πŸ™Œ

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aloe gel
How to Get Rid of a Sunburn ASAP

Because no one's got time for that lobster life.

15 Actually Surprising Ways to Use Vaseline

This inexpensive classic can replace a dozen beauty products (and more) in a pinch.