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27 of Marilyn Monroe's Best Quotes on Love & Life

If you're having a bad day, these will snap you right out of it.

What Really Went on Between Marilyn Monroe & JFK
... and what really happened the night the bombshell sang "Happy Bir…
Jerry Lewis and Marilyn Monroe
Did Jerry Lewis and Marilyn Monroe Have an Affair?

"She needed that to be sure it was real."

6 Conspiracy Theories About Marilyn Monroe's Death

Have you heard the one about UFOs?

Joe DiMaggio Knew Who Killed Marilyn Monroe

Monroe's death at age 36 was ruled a "probable suicide."

Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth II in 1956
Footage Reveals What Marilyn Monroe Wore to Meet the Queen in 1956

Hint: It's way different than what Her Majesty chose.

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This Chilling Letter From Marilyn Monroe Is Up for Auction

The note was sent to her therapist who later found her dead.

I Lived as Marilyn Monroe for a Week

This is a tale of channeling my idol — and learning to love myself.

8 Beauty Secrets From Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Artist

The pouty lips. The swooshy eyelashes. All her tricks are here.

Subject: Marilyn Monroe sitting with her first career awards: the "Henrietta" for Best Young Box Office Personality, given by the Foreign Press Association of Hollywood (an ancestor of the group that hands out the Golden Globes today). Club Del Mar, Santa Monica, California 1952
Photographer- Loomis Dean
Time Inc Owned

13 Rarely-Seen Photos of Marilyn Monroe

So no, not the one of her in the white dress blowing up over the subway grate.

What Marilyn Monroe Looked Like Before She Was Famous
Meet Norma Jeane, before the platinum blonde hair and red lips.

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