This Olympic Figure Skater Is Going Viral for Doing a Routine to "Wonderwall"

Paul Fentz didn't get high scores, but he definitely won the hearts of millions.

paul fentz wonderwall
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Although the Olympics have barely started, there's already a contender for our favorite (if not technically "best") figure skating routine.

German figure skater Paul Fentz skated to a swing jazz version of Oasis' "Wonderwall," performed by singer-songwriter Paul Anka.

Fentz fell twice during his performance and scored a mere 66.32, but he definitely won on Twitter, where reactions ranged from confused to awestruck.

Paul fentz is up and I love his song as well as his outfit but he mighta messed up on his quad but also his triple axel WAIT HIS SONG IS A JAZZY REMIX OF WONDERWALL WHAT IS THIS

— Katie💕 (@k8e11en)

Let's take a moment and appreciate that Paul Fentz is skating to a Paul Anka reboot of .

— Charlotte Volpe 🎶 (@flautista21)

Opening ceremony hasn't yet begun but the Olympics are already over: German figure skater Paul Fentz skates his short program to a big-band rendition of "Wonderwall."

— Sara Germano (@germanotes)

For you dozens of people wondering what "Wonderwall" would sound like in the Sinatra-swing-jazz style, do yourself a favor and look up Paul Fentz's short program tonight. The has already given us so, so much.

— Katie (@klrosenb)

I've been awake for three hours. I have no idea who plays for what NBA team, and I just watched a German figure skater perform a "Wonderwall" cover by Paul Anka. Pyeongchang rules.

— Ben Cohen (@bzcohen)

The Pyeongchang Olympics isn't the first event where Fentz has performed this particular routine. He also performed it at the World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki in 2017.

In recent years, "Wonderwall" has been (jokingly) revived thanks to a poking fun at the song's cliched lyrics and popularity among novice guitarists, making it a ... interesting choice for a figure skating routine. However, this is the , so we're sure to see some other interesting music choices as well.

Fentz is not the first skater this year to get attention with his song choice. At the 2018 Figure Skating Championships, Jimmy Ma skated to "Turn Down for What" by DJ Snake and Little John, drawing much amusement from commentators.

He also wasn't the only skater to take a tumble on the ice last night. American figure skater Nathan Chen during his routine, which surprised many viewers and commentators. However, he still placed fourth, far ahead of Fentz who .

Here's where to watch the Olympics, so that you don't miss a moment of it.

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