What Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie Do for a Living

Even some HRHs have to hold jobs.

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Belonging to the royal family comes with lots of perks, but it's not a total free ride. Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have learned to live without checks from the privy purse even though they're granddaughters of Queen Elizabeth. Unlike their cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, the two sisters have pursued jobs outside of the palace walls over the past few years.

Here's how they each make ends meet, and don't forget to watch (here's how to live stream!) Princess Eugenie's wedding on October 12 at 4:45 AM EST.

Princess Beatrice

Even though she's employed, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's oldest child isn't a "working royal." That term refers to members of the royal family who perform public engagements full-time, like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The distinction also means she no longer received full-time security as of 2011.

Of course, Princess Beatrice still serves as a patron to many nonprofits and attends official events like garden parties and Trooping the Color, but she'll never come close to the Prince Charles conducted last year as the future king.

Instead, she's used her BA in History from Goldsmiths to work in finance and consulting. Most recently, she's worked briefly at venture capital firm Sandbridge and later software company Afiniti, where currently lists her as Vice President, Partnerships & Strategy. The Duke of York's website simply states she "works full-time in business," but columnists have speculated that she provides name recognition and networking opportunities versus strategy.

Princess Beatrice still gets some big checks from her family too, mind you. Prince Andrew "supports both of his daughters financially from his private income," according to his . The Duke earns a Royal Navy pension, but his expenses get paid through the Sovereign Grant — a.k.a. the revenue from the Crown Estate, which includes the royal palaces and other properties.

Princess Eugenie

Just like her older sister, Princess Eugenie will never need to worry about money thanks to the wealth and support of her family. She continues to pursue a career in the art world with her father's firm backing though.

"As a father, my wish for my daughters is for them is to be modern working young women, who happen to be members of the Royal Family, and I am delighted to see them building their careers," the Duke of York said in a in 2016. "When they do support the Royal Family in its work this is very much appreciated by my Family and most importantly by those organizations and to those for whom their participation makes such a difference to their lives."

Besides her many charitable endeavors, Princess Eugenie used her art history and English literature degrees from Newcastle University to first work for an online auction firm before becoming a director at the London art gallery . Her parents will still help her out with one really big expense: her wedding to Jack Brooksbank, the current UK ambassador for George Clooney's tequila brand Casamigos.

Both the Duke and Duchess of York and the Brooksbank family will for the lavish multi-day event, with the Queen also potentially contributing from her private income. British taxpayers will still have to foot the bill for the security costs however, which may cost between $500,000 and $2 million.

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