The "Grey's Anatomy" Cast Responds to Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw's Exit

Beloved characters April and Arizona will no longer be making rounds at Seattle Grace.


On Thursday, Deadline that Grey's Anatomy producers would not be renewing contracts for Sarah Drew (Dr. April) or Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins), making the current 14th season their last.

This is how the rest of the cast responded to the news.

Jesse Williams (Jackson)

1of2: Sarah and Jessica are easily among my very favorite people and coworkers, so this news fuckin sucks. Their immense talent speaks for itself but it’s them as people that I’m so grateful to know, privileged to have worked with and learned from.

— jesse Williams. (@iJesseWilliams)

2of2: To say they’ll be missed is a massive understatement. Luckily for all of us, we’ll get to see these artists continue bringing compelling and complex characters to life for many moons to come!

— jesse Williams. (@iJesseWilliams)

Ellen Pompeo (Meredith)

The Deadline article included the following: "The decision not to bring back Capshaw and Drew comes on the heels of the blockbuster new Pompeo pact that gave her a significant salary increase, paying her as much as $20 million a year, including signing bonus, producing fees, ownership in the show and other extras."

The detail seemingly implied, at least to Pompeo, that because she recently got more money for her work on the show, Drew and Capshaw had to be let go.

Understandably, Pompeo wasn't having it.

Its unfortunate that chooses to try to pit women against eachother on

— Ellen Pompeo (@EllenPompeo)

I'm a big girl can take shots at me if they want but to the fans please don't fall into that trap. This is above my pay grade

— Ellen Pompeo (@EllenPompeo)

Camilla Luddington (Jo)

Two of the kindest, most generous, talented women I’ve ever met... ❤️❤️❤️

— Camilla Luddington (@camilluddington)

Sarah Drew (April)

— Sarah Drew (@sarahdrew)

Jessica Capshaw (Arizona)

— Jessica Capshaw (@JessicaCapshaw)

Giacomo Gianniotti (Deluca)

Giacomo retweeted this tweet from Krista Vernoff, the showrunner of Grey's Anatomy:

Regarding and

— Krista Vernoff (@KristaVernoff)

This post will be updated as more cast-members respond.

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