Last Night's "This Is Us" Episode Has Some People Pretty Upset

The Deja-focused storyline sparked a heated discussion online.

this is us deja episode

Last night's episode of This Is Us caused some disagreement among fans.

"This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life," took a deep dive into Deja's life, as we find out more about how exactly she ended up at Beth and Randall's house. Although the episode weaves in a few moments that focus on the Pearson clan, the overall focus was on Deja's backstory and her journey through foster care.

But not everyone was a fan of this episode, especially since the season is nearing its end.

I really don't want to watch an entire episode on Deja, especially when there are only two left in the season. 😐

— u (@JustAnnaaaa)

I’m not gonna lie...I’m kinda over the Deja episode... I’d rather focus on the Pearsons

— RHSD 🥂🍾🛍🌈 (@rhsd10)

Others had some harsh words for Deja's mother Shauna, who experiences her own struggles throughout the episode.

If this episode was suppose to make us sympathize with deja’s mom-

— D3nz android 70845 (@DenzellMoore)

Every time I start to feel bad for Deja’s mom, she screws up again. Putting a man in front of her kid? I won’t forgive that

— Nolebucgrl (@Nolebucgrl)

And others appreciated the episode for highlighting Deja's backstory and providing insight into the foster care system.

Deja’s story truly captivated me

— em 🌻 (@EmilyWilking)

Man this episode hits me like crazy. I’ve been through every situation Deja has plus more in the foster care system. Being in there since age 9 made me grow thick skin then trying to explain all of it to my kids was even worse

— ~Akilah (@akilahbee)

You can and decide for yourself what you think of it.

We're guessing people will have even more thoughts (and plenty of feelings) about the season finale next week, which seemingly manages to bring back Jack Pearson as a senior citizen.

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