Twitter Is Not Pleased with Last Night's "The Bachelor" Finale

"Did he really just ask if she was okay?"

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Last night has been called "the worst Bachelor finale ever," by pretty much all people everywhere, especially Twitter (even if host Chris Harrison referred to it as only "the most emotional"). To recap: Arie Luyendyk Jr. sent Lauren Burnham home and proposed to Becca Kufrin during an alpaca-filled moment in Peru. Then, a few weeks later, he proceeded to change his mind and pick runner-up Lauren Burnham, which he told Kufrin about during one of their post-taping, pre-airing secret weekends away (also on camera, naturally). Viewers were less than thrilled, to put it politely.

The bachelor finale rn

— Remi Burns (@BurnsRemi)

"Hey are you okay?" - says the man who just dumped his fiancée on TV after baiting her to come to one of their meetups despite her not having any idea of her impending humiliation with cameras rolling as he tells her he wants the other woman instead

— Jeff D Beckham Jr. (@JeffDLowe)

Watching   finale and I’m pretty sure my face is now permanently frozen like this

— Zach Shapiro (@zachshapiro7)

Did he really just ask if she was ok??

— Cameron Collier (@kingxcamm_)

Why is he just sitting there staring

— KB (@Lanii_B)

How DISRESPECTFUL of to break up with on national tv. You can’t give her the respect and courtesy to do it in private? You tried to make her look like a fool but you’re the fool! Shame on you. I hope her dad haunts your ass.

— mermaidintheCLE (@MERMAIDintheCLE)


— Andrea Russett (@AndreaRussett)

This is like watching OJ’s white bronco in 1994.

— Ben Flajnik (@BenFlajnik)

Every time Chris Harrison says “and we’re not done yet”

— Zaina (@ZainaQ13)

if nothing else at least has shown us that the human heart is capable of loving many MANY generic blonde white women at once

— 𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐝𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐬 (@RahRahRaina)

Why. Won't. He. Leave. Jesus.

— Whitney (@Whip216)

Could almost hear the cameraman whispering “don’t leave, follow her, be awkward as possible, get her to stab you in the neck

— frank cooke (@FTCooke_)


— Mike Sington (@MikeSington)

he looks like he’s trying reeeeeal hard to squeeze out some legitimate looking tears

— Jane O'Donnell (@janealexxandra)

Paradise Dean is looking pretty good right now by comparison...

— Derek Peth (@PethDerek)

If this scene is unedited how did an engagement ring go from being on Beccas hand to being in Aris hands without me seeing it 🧐

— Princess Katie (@Spieserzz)

I was hoping the unedited footage would be more like...

— FormulaReed (@FormulaReed)

This guy has zero feelings. None. It’s kinda creepy. 😬

— Marika Dominczyk (@TheMeanChick)

Luyendyk is pronounced “lyin-dick”, right?

— Brynn Tralnberg (@brynn_tralnberg)

That is what dodging a bullet looks like ladies.

— Savannah Outen (@therealsavannah)

if anyone’s wondering what the bachelor finale consisted of.........

— makenna mays (@maakennnaaa)

I’d like to thank The Bachelor for making my breakups now look a lot more reasonable

— Good Guy Erik (@COTEwisdom)

“Hey are you ok?” - the guy who just broke up with his fiancée for the other woman

— Melissa Strom (@strommelissa)

“please just go.”
“okay... im gonna go”

— Ellie Taft (@TaftEllie)

In a Black Mirror level twist, KRYSTAL WAS THE HERO ALL ALONG

— BAD WITH MONEY BOOK 🏳️‍🌈 (@gabydunn)

Waiting for that breakup to end....

— Britta (@brittaave)

When you missed the most dramatic season finale of the bachelor because you’re out of town but the tweets are better than the show anyway

— indy (@itsindysev)

Producers: Can we film your breakup?

— Derek Peth (@PethDerek)

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