Is Mark Harmon Leaving 'NCIS'?

The actor just signed on for another crime drama called 'Prey.'

Mark Harmon has his sights set on an action-packed crime drama — and it’s not .

The actor has signed on as the executive producer of a new series, Prey, based on the by John Sandford, according to . The story revolves around homicide detective Lucas Davenport and his best friend, profiler and nun(?) Elle Krueger. The Minneapolis-based characters work together to hunt down criminals in Minnesota.

Rules of Prey

Though Mark’s upcoming project sounds nothing short of riveting, it does make diehard NCIS fans wonder: Does this career change mean he’s leaving Leroy Jethro Gibbs behind?

The consensus is likely not. According to , when Mark signed his contract for NCIS’s season 16 (airing now) in April, the show was the most-watched drama both on CBS and worldwide. suggests that these strong ratings — and the fact that — “hints at many more years” as Agent Gibbs.

However, has a slightly different take. The outlet suggests that because he is the executive producer on NCIS, and now Prey, that “a departure from at least one could be imminent.”

While there's no confirmed answer about Mark’s status, the way he’s described his long tenure on the series in the past seems to suggest he’s not looking to shake things up too much.

“You gotta pay attention to what it took to get it to this point. I don’t forget that, I’ve been in too many shows that haven’t done well,” he told about NCIS’s success. “To have an appreciation for getting up in the morning and enjoying that drive, to know that you’re coming every day to work with friends ... And oh yeah, by the way, it’s the number one show in the world. So, there’s a lot to love here.”

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