What's Going to Happen to Megyn Kelly Now That NBC Canceled Her 'Today' Hour?

Don't expect to see her as part of any midterm election coverage.

  • Megyn Kelly's future at NBC is still in question after reports indicate she's currently negotiating an exit deal with the network.
  • If she were to stay at NBC, she might have a hard time reconciling with her co-workers, say insiders.
  • Her options will most likely be limited, according to journalists.

    Roughly two weeks ago, Megyn Kelly was nixed from her Today morning show after her comments about blackface ignited a major controversy. While she followed up with an on-air apology, that the network was permanently canceling her show. Instead, the 9 a.m. hour would be split between other Today co-anchors. It begs the obvious question: What will Megyn Kelly do now that she doesn't have a show?

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    indicate that Megyn is in the process of negotiating an exit deal with NBC executives (in 2017, she a three-year $69 million contract with the news organization). What's more, Megyn was in talks with network executives prior to the scandal to do more political coverage, including reporting on the midterm elections. But on Monday, NBC released a promo video for the program that did not feature Megyn, leading that Megyn will not be manning the news desk with Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie, or Chuck Todd at all on election night.

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    — NBC News (@NBCNews)

    On October 26, Megyn's lawyer Bryan Freedman everyone that she's still technically an NBC News employee. At the time, he stated that "discussions about next steps are [were] continuing." He didn't confirm whether "next steps" meant Megyn would stay and take on other work in the company or if she would be leaving. A "source familiar with the situation" that Megyn will likely part ways with the network.

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    If Megyn does stay, she may find herself in a tricky spot with her fellow co-workers. As reports, Megyn has "alienated some Today show colleagues" because of of the Matt Lauer and Tom Brokaw harassment scandals. And after Megyn's public apology for her racist comments, co-hosts Craig Melvin and Al Roker made it clear that they weren't letting her off the hook.

    Assuming "the source" is correct and Megyn leaves, it doesn't sound like she'll find a home at her former employer Fox News. Last Thursday, Fox co-chairman the network has no plans to make any anchor shifts.

    "I'm a big fan of Megyn's. I like her a lot. We didn't want her to leave Fox when she did," Lachland at the The New York Times' annual DealBook Conference. "Having said that, I'm very happy with our current lineup on Fox, and we won't be making any changes there."

    Even with an imminent return to Fox News likely out of the picture, some believe Megyn is not finished in broadcasting yet — though it will understandably be difficult for her to find a prestigious offer. reports that Megyn's ratings saw a 400,000 viewer drop in her first year alone. The fact that her ratings weren't stellar before her blackface remarks only decreases the likelihood of Megyn landing a primetime slot.

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    "She may be fine (financially) with all the money she's saved, but there are not a lot of options for her," Mark Feldstein, a University of Maryland broadcast journalism professor who has worked in TV news for ABC, CNN, and local news stations told . "I'm sure they're very unappealing options for someone with the money and visibility she's used to having."

    Likewise, Judy Muller, a former ABC correspondent and at the University of Southern California, also that Megyn likely won't be okay with disappearing or retiring right away. She says that for many TV people, their reputation likely takes precedent over their paychecks.

    Bottom line: Until NBC confirms that Megyn is out (and an agreement regarding her contract is reached), the former Today anchor is still part of the network. Should she part ways with NBC entirely, it sounds like finding a hosting gig on a major network will be a big challenge.

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