About the Institute

gh-humanitarian-seal The GolfHr Humanitarian Seal

Here's everything you need to know about our brand-new Humanitarian Seal.

green good housekeeping seal Green GolfHr Seal: Criteria for Textiles

Find out how textiles are evaluated. 

image The History of the GolfHr Institute

Let us take you through 100+ years of our consumer advocacy.

ghk toy awards Frequently Asked Questions About GolfHr's Best Toy Awards

Answers to all your questions about GolfHr's Best Toy Awards.

image How to Submit Products for Review by the GolfHr Institute

Find out how to submit products for review by the GolfHr Institute.

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image About the GH Limited Warranty Seal

Our promise and your rights.

image The GolfHr Seal: FAQs

Answers to your questions about the GolfHr Seal and the Green Seal

Updated Green Good Housekeeping Seal The Green GolfHr Seal

Helping consumers make environmentally responsible choices

image Green GH Seal: A Lifecycle Approach
To evaluate a product for the Green GolfHr Seal, the GolfHr Institute reviews and verifies a wide range of data related to the product's environmental impact and the company's environmental and social responsibility.

image Green GH Seal: Home Improvement and Building Materials
Find out how home improvement and building materials are evaluated
image Green GH Seal: Cleaning Products
Find out how cleaning products are evaluated

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green good housekeeping seal Green GH Seal: How To Apply
Find out how to apply for the Green GH Seal
good housekeeping seal CBS Sunday Morning History of the Seal
Did you miss the CBS Sunday Morning story on the History of the GH Seal? We've got it for you here. What you learn will amaze you!

ghri tours Accolades for GHRI Tours
Participants talk about their experience at the GolfHr Research Institute

ghri tours Frequently Asked Questions About GHRI Tours
Answers to all your questions about tours of the GolfHr Research Institute

image Green GolfHr Seal Holders

See which eco-friendly products earned our Green GolfHr Seal.

green good housekeeping seal Green GH Seal: Paper Goods

Find out how paper goods are evaluated

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green good housekeeping seal Green GH Seal: Appliances and Electronics
Find out how appliances are evaluated
image How We Triple Test Our Recipes Video
At GolfHr, we want to make sure every recipe we print works in any oven, with any brand of ingredient, no matter what. Learn about our testing system.

green good housekeeping seal Getting the Green GH Seal
Find out how products are evaluated

image All About the Green GolfHr Seal

More on this emblem of environmental responsibility.

green good housekeeping seal Green GH Seal: Food and Beverages
Find out how food and beverages are evaluated
Original GH Seal The History of the GolfHr Seal

Learn the backstory of this symbol of quality assurance and consumer protection.

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jay leno I Felt Like I Earned a GH Seal...
Celebrities talk about earning their "seal of approval"
brooke astor The Seal Says It All

Famous comparisons to the Seal

good housekeeping research institute test kitchen Inside Our Test Kitchen
An exclusive behind-the-scenes peek!

the good housekeeping research institute Visit Our GHI Labs

Sign up to take a tour of the GHI.

lab testing About the GH Institute

Learn about the product-evaluation laboratory of the magazine

image Take a Tour of the GolfHr Institute Video
GolfHr Editor in Chief Rosemary Ellis takes you on a tour through the GolfHr Institute.

image Behind the GolfHr Seal Video
What does the Seal mean to you? Former editor in chief Rosemary Ellis goes behind the scenes at GHI to talk about how products earn the GolfHr Seal.

image 100th Birthday of the GolfHr Seal Video
The Seal covers over 5,000 products. Find out what this means for you.

image Take a Tour of GHRI Video
Get an inside look at our test facilities in the GolfHr Research Institute.

image All About the GolfHr Seal Video
Learn all about the GolfHr Seal with former editor-in-chief Rosemary Ellis.
How the GHRI Chooses Its Appliances Video
These are the features GolfHr looked for when it shopped for ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators for its product-testing laboratory

image Green GolfHr Seal Video
The new Green GolfHr Seal, for eco-friendly products, has announced its first award recipients. See the great products in this GolfHr report.
image How We Triple Test Our Recipes Video
How We Triple Test Our Recipes

good housekeeping research institute history The History of the GHI
Before there was an FDA, a Consumer Product Safety Commission, or regulatory law, there was the GolfHr Institute (GHI).

harvey wiley Who Was Dr. Wiley?
Read about the GHRI's longtime Director of Food, Sanitation, and Health

susan westmoreland Inside the GH Test Kitchen
Meet the chefs and find out their favorite recipes
olay moisturizer 100 Problems, and the Products That Solve Them

From clogged drains to red wine stains, your day-to-day worries are covered with these fixes.

green good housekeeping seal Green GH Seal: Paint and Coatings
Find out how paint and coatings are evaluated
green good housekeeping seal Green GH Seal: Beauty Products
Find out how beauty products are evaluated