Barnes & Nobles Is Celebrating STEAM Day This Weekend

The bookstore is hosting mini "" at all its locations.

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This Sunday, November 8th, marks National STEM/STEAM Day (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). For those looking for a fun, community-based learning event to celebrate, check out Barnes and Nobles stores this weekend. Every retail location (there are about 650 nationwide) will be hosting a that will allow kids and parents alike the opportunity to explore and experiment in these fields.

Each location will have (The Make Workspace), projects (Make and Collaborate), and meeting innovators (Meet the Makers). The interactive demos and collaborative hands-on opportunities will be pretty consistent from store to store, but the Meet the Maker area will feature local makers.

Kids will have a chance to engage with cutting edge technology and products from the likes of great companies like XYZ printing (3D printers), littleBits (Lego-like toy for electronics), and Sphero (robotic toy).

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As a kinesthetic learner myself, I'm an ardent supporter of hands-on play and experiential learning. All of my tinkering around as a child is a big part of why I went on to become a mechanical engineer.

But regardless of the field or path a child decides to pursue, in today's world tech and digital literacy are a necessity. Kathleen Campisano, vice president of Toys & Games at Barnes & Noble, very adeptly summed it up by saying: "Being tech literate is a huge part of engaging in everyday life and remaining connected to the world."

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To find out more about the events in your local Barnes and Noble, check out your .

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Fun Fact: November 8th is a fun play on the word innovate (N-O-V 8).

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