7 Indispensable Salad Tools

On sultry summer days, dinner in my house often consists of a salad. These days the seven gadgets below have really been getting a workout in my kitchen.

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1. Once upon a time, I dried lettuce carefully with paper towels. That's because any water clinging to the leaves dilutes the dressing so it doesn't coat the leaves and tastes thin and yes, watery. Then I discovered the , the one with a cord. While others are easier to use, this model removes the most water from the lettuce and that's what I want from a salad spinner.

2. To cut neat tomato wedges, thinly sliced cucumber, and symmetrical pepper rings, you need a super-sharp knife. My current favorite: the .

3. I use the to remove the skin from carrots and then peel off thin strips to toss with the lettuce.

4. My salad dressing always contains crushed garlic. The gets the job done the most efficiently.

5. Once I've crushed the garlic, I whisk in a dollop of Grey Poupon mustard with a . Then I add salt, pepper, and whisk in red wine vinegar and olive oil.

6. If my salad features fish or avocado, I always use fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar in the dressing. To get the most juice from a lemon, I zap it in the microwave for just 10 seconds, then use the to juice it.

7. Fresh cooked corn kernels add a juicy, crunch to salads. To quickly remove the kernels from the cob, nothing beats the .

Once you've equipped yourself for salad making, make sure you check out all the great recipes for salads right here on goodhousekeeping.com.

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