15 Things You Had in Your Bedroom If You Grew Up in the '90s

Two words: beaded curtains.

90s girl bedroom

Any girl who grew up in the '90s knows that trends have changed big time since then. After all, most of our crushes had frosted tips back then (ew). But one place that we still look back at very fondly is our lava lamp- and gel pen-filled bedroom. These are the things every girl owned, or wished they owned, back in the day.

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1 Gel pens (or milky pens!) for your journal.
gel pens

The only acceptable utensil for writing about how unfair your parents were being about you sleeping over Heather's house on a school night.

2 A plastic blow-up chair.
blow up chair

It was remarkably comfortable (all things considered).

3 Walls covered with Spice Girls posters.
Spice Girls

Or N'Sync. Or Backstreet Boys. Or all of the above, actually.

4 A plastic spinning disco ball.

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Which just happened to be the perfect lighting for singing along to N'SYNC's "I Want You Back."

5 A plastic phone with exposed wiring.

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Because, how cool was it that you could actually see the wires inside?

6 Plastic organizers full of Lip Smackers.

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Can we all agree Dr. Pepper was the best flavor now?

7 A colorful, beaded curtain.
beaded curtain

They provided just the right amount of privacy if your parents had a no-closed-doors policy when boys were over.

8 Feather pens a la Cher from "Clueless."

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Also known as the best flirting tool there ever was.

9 A Lava lamp to help set the perfect lighting.
lava lamp

We could (and would) just stare at it move while thinking about what Leo DiCaprio was up to.

10 A container full of sea monkeys.

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Somehow, they never ended up being quite as exciting as you expected.

11 A picture frame covered in fake fur.

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It needed to be brightly colored. It also needed to have a polaroid photo of you and your best friend (or siblings).

12 Glow in the dark stars.

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Be honest: Your bedroom at your parent's house still has these stuck on the ceiling, right?

13 Stacks of "YM" magazines.

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Anyone who was anyone covered this glossy. All we can say is: R.I.P.

14 Worry doll vacation souvenirs.

Without fail, your grandparents, aunts or uncles always brought these back for you from Mexico.

15 Your prized collection of Lisa Frank everything.

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Your life was just way more fun when it was wrapped in rainbows and unicorns.

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