10 Items to Make Your House Shelter Dog-Ready

You'll never want to leave this stunning sectional!

Pets Home
All Modern

After recently losing their German Shepherd, Rich and his son Grayden are searching for a new dog to bring home in this week's episode of The CW's Ready, Set, Pet. With the help of host and , Rich and Grayden bring home a new dog and make their home pet-friendly with these key items.

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Mounted Gate
Pets Diana Steel Pressure Mounted Pet Gate

Keep your dog from entering forbidden rooms with this mounted metal singing gate by Archie & Oscar.

Sleek Paint
Pets Paint
Benamin Moore

Cover your windows and basement floor in this glossy paint in the color Wenge.

Cozy Dog Sofa
Pets Dog Sofa
Way Fair

Your pet will absolutely love lounging on this Archie & Oscar faux fleece dog sofa. Do they make them for adults?

Lofted Pet Feeder
Pet Feeder
Way Fair

If you have a large dog, then you'll definitely want to order this elevated Archie & Oscar pet feeder.

Treat Stash
Pets treats
Way Fair

This cute message encourages dogs to "wag more" and "bark less" if they want to earn some treats from this Archie & Oscar jar.

Magical Indoor Garden
Pet Indoor Garden
Click & Grow

Bring the outdoors in with this naturalistic indoor garden. You'll have access to fresh leafy greens, herbs and teas all year round.

A Pop of Colorful Seating
Pets Decorations
All Modern

In vibrant red, this Anemone Rope Pouf adds a touch of playful color to any room, and the kids will just love lounging on it.

Modern Lighting
Pets Lamp

This simple black Crosby Schoolhouse standing lamp pairs with most color schemes.

Adorable Welcome Mat
Pets Dog Mat
Home Depot

Wipe dirty shoes and paws on this cute dog-themed welcoming mat.

Dreamy Sectional
Pets Couch
All Modern

You will never want to leave this cozy sectional — we promise!

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