30 Fall Wreaths That Celebrate the Best Parts of Autumn

Pumpkins and pinecones are just the beginning.

fall wreaths

Fall is the prettiest season of the year, which makes decorating a breath of fresh air. Get your front door ready for sweater weather with one of these easy-to-make (or easy-to-buy!) wreath projects. While you're at it, you might as well deck out the rest of your home.

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Autumn Pheasant Wreath

See ya, bright summer flowers and boxwood wreaths. Transition your door décor to dark and cozy with purplish-red leaves and pheasant feathers.

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Pine and Paint LLC
Lighted Harvest Leaf Wreath
$79.97 (33% off)

Or if you want to go the more traditional route, try this assembly of bright-orange foliage, berries, and faux sunflowers. It even comes threaded with 50 warm-white lights if you're looking for a little extra something-something. 

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Artsy Chicks Rule
Asymmetrical Wreath

This project piles it all on with fruit, leaves, pumpkins, and pinecones. DIY your own dried orange slices by baking them in the oven.

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Dried Wheat Wreath

Sure, plain stalks look pretty, but the ombré mix of sheaths make this wispy wreath stand out from the street. 

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Faux Blush Peony and Dahlia Wreath

Not ready to let go of pretty blooms just yet? Mixed with pinecones and gold-painted leaves, your favorite peonies stay in season way after summer ends. 

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thanksgiving wreaths
Stone Gable
Indian Corn Wreath

With fanned-out dried husks, this festive DIY door decoration almost looks like a giant sunflower. Pick up ears in a variety of colors for the full effect.

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Pumpkin Berry Wreath

If you think circular wreaths are for squares, go with grapevines twisted in the shape of a gourd. 

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Oval Blended Hydrangea Wreath

Another unusually shaped wreath, this oval will fill up even more of your front door. And what's not to love about the blend of autumnal hydrangea blossoms?

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House of Joyful Noise
Pumpkin Wreath

The look perfect for Halloween, but (and a ) make this decoration work all season long.

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Give Thanks Wreath

The cutest pumpkin stack, embossed with the sentiment of the season, gives this lush green wreath a pop of color.

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Pumpkin Basket Door Hanging

Tired of wreaths entirely? Switch it up with this foliage- and flower-filled door bouquet.

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Stone Gable
Green Apple Wreath

Make the transition from summer to fall with September's favorite fruit. Adding to flowers hints at the chillier weather to come.

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Melissa Creates
Yarn and Pumpkin Fall Wreath

Accent a neutral gray wreath (made from !) with a pop of unexpected and the cutest-ever .

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Stone Gable Blog
Easy White Pumpkin Wreath

Adding white pumpkins (or orange minis, !) to the inner circle of an autumn leaf wreath is the easiest way to upgrade something you already have.

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pinecone wreath
Larissa Another Day
Pinecone Wreath

Spray paint a straw wreath in or . Next, gather pinecones and attach them to the wreath using a . Add a festive touch by using a shimmery piece of gold fabric or as a sash.

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Design, Dining and Diapers
Fabric Wreath

Put leftover fabric scraps to good use with this fall wreath idea. Choose your color scheme, then fill mini-pumpkins with batting, and create a "stem" with . Cover a with white fabric, and attach your pumpkins. Use a piece of burlap to hang your design.

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Candy Corn Wreath

Cover a foam wreath with half a yard of muslin, and then cut pieces of candy corn-colored fabric into 4x4-inch squares. Pin swatches closely together by color, and be generous — the more squares you use, the more oomph your wreath will have. For the finishing touch, tie a bow with .

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leaf it there wreath
Michael Partenio
Plaid Wreath

Take a cue from the changing leaves and cut out your own foliage. Made with and , this fabric wreath will look just as good year after year.

Get the tutorial »

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Courtesy of Artisan Books
Foliage Wreath

Showcase the season's colors with dogwood, maple, and oak branches from the backyard or a nearby nursery — or go faux for longevity's sake with these life-like .

Get the tutorial »

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Pinecone Swag

Even beginners can nail this three-step project. Just hot-glue cranberry ribbon to pinecones, tie a knot and hang. Mix , , and trim to spice up the look.

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Blackboard Hanger

Chalkboard lettering gets ten times easier when you use . Write out "Happy Halloween" or "Give Thanks" for a more seasonal greeting instead.

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Mikkel Vang
Birch Bark Wreath

Put a spin on the classic leafy wreath by using . The subtle silver looks just as stunning as traditional fall hues.

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Cherished Bliss
Popcorn Wreath

Bend a into a circle and firmly duct tape the ends together to create the base of your wreath. After covering it with , paint the form with and sprinkle on popcorn kernels. Give the wreath one more coat of adhesive to cement everything in place, and let it dry.

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Blooming Homestead
Wooden Sign

Ditch the traditional wreath and try out a wood block instead. This tutorial uses a cutting machine for the calligraphy, but would work just as well.

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Design Improvised
Oak Leaf Wreath

Skip the hot glue and insert the directly into a . Pick up one of the colors in a , and you're good to go.

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Burlap + Blue
Lace Wreath

A singular color can also pack a punch. Yellow felt looks extra cheery on a front door, with a for a little added interest.

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Crafting Mom
Rosette Wreath

Make this colorful wreath for less than $10! Start by downloading this to cut swirl shapes out of felt. Tightly roll the ends of each flower together and secure with . Arrange your rosettes on a and attach with a hot glue gun. Extra credit: Add sprigs of to complete the look.

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Yellow Mums
Twig Wreath

Start by collecting several twigs from your backyard. Cut out circles from thick cardboard to use as the base of your wreath, and then glue the sticks in place. Make your own mustard-colored rosettes, and attach them to the inside edge of the cardboard circle so that they cover the sticks' edges. Add a few sprigs of berries, and your wreath is ready to hang.

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Homemade by Jill
Glitter Wreath

Create this shimmering wreath with a simple leaf-shape template, which you'll use to cut about 60 leaves out of . Next, divide them into three groups, spray with adhesive, and coat with different shades of . Use hot glue to adhere leaves to a , layering the bottom tips. Top it off with an oversized ribbon bow.

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Nature's Heirloom
Pom Pom Wreath

Start this showstopper by making enough yarn pom-poms to cover an entire , using or different colors to create dimension. Dot your design with fleece and felt flowers, handmade using with scissors and hot glue. Once you attach your creations to the wreath, stand back and admire your masterpiece!

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