9 Super-Cute Crafts Starring Minions

Because we just can't get enough of these little dudes.

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Because we just can't get enough of these little dudes.
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Peppy Planter
In lieu of a butler, place this cutie near your entryway to greet guests (your terracotta pots were looking ordinary, anyway).
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A Pumpkin & A Princess
Bookmark Buddy
Reading should never be a drag, but this little guy will perk you up when you hit a dry passage.
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Moms Saving Money
Party Pinata
This friendly party focal point only gets better when you break it open — yay, candy!
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Somewhere in the Middle
Smiley Shirts
Cute a few simple shapes out of felt, glue 'em on a yellow shirt, and brush off your "mom of the year" badge.
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Crafts By Courtney
Cheery Jars
These painted baby food jars were imagined as party favors, but will also look great corralling paperclips and staples on your desk.
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4 You With Love
Cute Container
How often do your organizers smile back at you? Store cooking utensils or art supplies inside.
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Frugal Fun 4 Boys
Perler Pals
Dust off your favorite '90s craft supply — Minions make Perler beads feel new again.
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Pops De Milk
Cuddly Cozy
Crocheters, take note: This project is adorable and guards your hands from condensation.
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Wife Mom Geek
Silly Clothespins
Painting an army of Minions to help your laundry dry might be a bit extreme, but a few will happily clip snack bags in your kitchen.
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