16 Fairy Garden Ideas That Will Literally Make Your Backyard Feel Magical

Don't forget the fairy dust!

fairy garden ideas
mike garten

The best part about miniature gardens: They're impossible to mess up! And each one looks totally different and unique, given all the possible accessories. If you feel overwhelmed by all the options floating around Pinterest, here are the fairy garden essentials we suggest.

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fairy garden idea
GardenMagicDesigns on Etsy
Start with a door.


Every fairy garden needs a portal into said fairy's home. This rustic design is handmade and painted to make it a one-of-a-kind accessory. 

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fairy garden ideas
TinkerTreasuresMinis on Etsy
Add a pond.


Most mini ponds feature plastic water, but this one is hollow and can hold the real stuff. It even comes with a family of mallard ducks swimming on the surface. 

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fairy garden ideas
MyFairytaleDoors on Etsy
Fairies love ladders!


To add height to a backyard garden, elevate the door and stick a ladder underneath it. This will help your DIY creation stand out amongst the grass and leaves.

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fairy garden ideas
TheLittleHedgerow on Etsy
...or try some stairs.


This set was handcrafted from wood, stained, and sealed with a polyurethane varnish, so it can handle the elements. But the heart-shaped peephole is the most charming touch of all.

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fairy garden
DaoCaoStudio on Etsy
Add familiar faces.


Disney-themed fairy gardens are having a serious moment right now, with some people going as far as putting their garden in a . A simple way to embrace this trend is setting Tinker Bell up in your magical display.

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fairy garden ideas
HiddenWorlds on Etsy
Use stones to show the way.


The perfect accent leading to the fairy's door or down the garden path is a set of stones engraved with "laugh," "dance," and "sing" on them. 

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fairy garden ideas
NWWholesaler on Etsy
Accessories are everything.


No garden is complete without a wishing well for your fairy. This one features rustic stones and a leaf roof to help it blend into the natural surroundings.

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fairy garden ideas
AmethystWaysFairies on Etsy
Give directions.


Another way to embrace this magical garden is by giving a nod to other mythical creatures, like unicorns and gnomes.

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fairy garden ideas
HelloLittleCloud on Etsy
Set up a fence.


You can even set boundaries around your garden with a magical gate, featuring a polymer clay sign with the name of the fairy family. Stakes make it easy to set it up in the ground.

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fairy garden ideas
TheBraceletHouse on Etsy
Add some seats.


This bronze bistro set with a table and two cafe chairs is a stylish touch that will elevate your garden. After all, fairies need somewhere to eat and enjoy tea time.

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fairy garden ideas
TheEtiquetteSeedShop on Etsy
Make it portable.


Put your garden in a box you can tote around. This way, if the weather threatens tumultuous downpours, you can bring your box in and out of danger.

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fairy garden ideas
LakenfaireCreations on Etsy
Use a teacup.


If you're looking for a way to cheer up your desk, this miniature garden in a vintage teacup is sweet and beautiful. It even features a stone pathway and tiny farmhouse.

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fairy garden ideas
Mike Garten
Sprinkle fairy dust.

When building these gardens with kids, sprinkle "fairy dust" — a.k.a. glitter — on top to tell make-believe fairies it's time to come out and play.

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fairy garden ideas
TheLittleHedgerow on Etsy
Hang a window.


This miniature widow with little sitting girl will be a lovely addition to your fairy garden. It can be hung several feet high on your tree to draw visitor's eyes upward.

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fairy garden ideas
TheLittleHedgerow on Etsy
Make it comfortable.


This rustic chippendale-style bench comes complete with a miniature cheeseboard and other picnic essentials — a must for fairies on a warm weekend day.

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fairy garden ideas
DreamFairyGardens on Etsy
Gather the right tools.


These gardening tools are a clever touch to create the impression that fairies really are the source behind your adorable set-up. We won't tell if you don't.

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