16 Geeky Gifts to Give Your Favorite Nerd

Embrace your inner smarty pants for once and for all.


Fret not: Being nerdy is cool again. Seriously. Stars Wars, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have never been bigger — so now is the best time for you to show off all of your "geeky" obsessions. From shower heads to coasters, these gifts will have you and your nerdiest friends living in geeky glory.

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Star Trek Transporter Pad LED Coaster Set of 4


Attention, Trekkies: Every time you set your cup down on one of these transporter pad coasters, it'll light up and make the materialization sound. When you pick the drink up, it'll make the dematerialization sound and turn the light off. Because using a coaster is a highly logical decision. 

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Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp


You'll feel like you're back in an '80s-style arcade with this Pac-Man ghost lamp that's powered by a USB charger. It can cycle through as many as 16 colors to suit your mood (which is always going to be good, because look at this lil guy!). 

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Game of Thrones Dinner is Coming Cutting Board MiraculousGiftsUA

$25 and up

We've all seen the Iron Throne bookends, so give your something more clever. This punny cutting board is sure to bring some fun to the kitchen.

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MokuShop Handmade AT-AT Wood Bookends Star Wars
MokuShop Handmade AT-AT Wood Bookends


This holiday, give them their very own AT-AT to use for parts (sort of). These wooden bookends will add a quirky but subtle touch to their bookshelf as they display anything from their favorite sci-fi books to their complete Star Wars DVD collection.

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ThinkGeek Doctor Who TARDIS Trashcan
ThinkGeek Doctor Who TARDIS Trashcan


This makes a perfect holiday gift for the office nerd. It might not be bigger on the inside, but it's just big enough to catch all their office garbage. The Doctor would be proud that people are treating Earth well and not littering.

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OppoSuits Men's Pac Man Suit with Matching Tie
OppoSuits Men's Pac Man Suit With Matching Tie

$112 and up

This suit is perfect for those times when you have to dress up but just can't handle fully adulting. Know someone who's got a good sense of humor and a funky wardrobe? They'll get a kick out of this. And good news — the sizing ranges up to 50, so it'll work for a wide range of body types.

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snape always patronus lamp harry potter
ThinkGeek Snape's Patronus Lamp


This lamp projects the silhouette of Snape's patronus, a doe, meshing the forces of both light and dark to create a shadow of promise. If your partner is a die-hard Harry Potter fan, this sentimental and decorative gift will definitely bring them to tears.

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hodor 3d printed door stop
Meow3DStore Hodor Door Stop


HOLD THE DOOOOR! Every die-hard Game of Thrones fan needs this 3-D printed door stop for their home (unless it'll make you cry every time you see it). It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose from neutrals to neons.

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ThinkGeek Light Up Chop Sabers Lightsabers Star Wars
ThinkGeek Light-Up Chop Sabers


Despite popular belief, using lightsabers is actually the correct way to consume sushi. Depending on what side of the Force your gift recipient is on, you can choose from Luke (blue) or Vader (red). The hilt, which is where the batteries are, can be removed easily for safe washing.

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nintendo pokemon cup
Nintendo Pokémon Poke Ball Round Mug


Before they head out to the "gym," they'll need to load up on plenty of coffee for the long day of training Pokémon ahead. This mug will help them power up each morning! It even comes with a little plush Pikachu keychain for an extra sweet surprise. 

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ThinkGeek Iron Man Mini Fridge
ThinkGeek Iron Man Mini Fridge


Keep their lunch safe and cool with this tabletop mini fridge that looks like Iron Man's mask. It also has a warming function, so just like Tony Stark, it can be both frigid and hot! It's perfect for the nerdy co-worker.

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Oxygenics Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head Star Wars
Oxygenics Darth Vader Handheld Shower Head


Bring their morning routine over to the Dark Side with this triple-setting shower head. They can adjust the pressure of the water using a comfort-control lever, and the hose is a full 72 inches long, so they can get to all those difficult-to-reach places you probably don't want to be imagining right now.

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ThinkGeek Death Star Waffle Maker Star Wars
ThinkGeek Death Star Waffle Maker


If you don't want to eat Death Star waffles for breakfast, are you even really a geek?This waffle iron will make golden brown, crispy, delicious waffles in just minutes, and it takes the guesswork out by letting you know when it's finished preheating.

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Firebox Star Trek Pizza Cutter
Firebox Star Trek Pizza Cutter


Perfect for the pizza lover, this cutter is designed to resemble the NCC-1701 Starship Enterprise. It has a laser-etched stainless steel blade for precision slicing, so they can slice right through the Neutral Zone of their cheesy, delicious pizza.

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The Geeky Chef Cookbook
The Geeky Chef Cookbook


This book is full of easy recipes for fantasy foods from fan-favorite shows, games, and movies, including (but not limited to) the worlds of Harry Potter, Zelda, Narnia, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who. Imagine a full-on nerd feast that combines foods from your favorite fandoms ... who could resist that?

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thinkgeek tetris stackable lamp
ThinkGeek Tetris 3-D Stackable Lamp


Bring everyone's favorite puzzle game to life with these stackable LED lights. Each set comes with seven lights in all the classic shapes you'd expect, and they can be stacked into any configuration. Each one will light up once placed on top of another, but there will be no vanishing of the complete lines like in the real game.

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