17 Cute and Quirky DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Make a batch of #11 and your kid will be the most popular student in class.

Kate Bennis

And then, of course, you have your husband to think about. Take matters of the heart into your own hands with one of these personalized, made-from-scratch cards.

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Mike Garten
"I Dig You" Treats

Your kiddo can worm his way into classmates' hearts with these punny goodie bags. Just mix with "dirt" (i.e. ) and attach a sweet note by tying a onto a .

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cookie valentine
Studio D/Alison Gootee
Edible Note

If the way to the heart is through the stomach, this sweet sugar cookie should do the trick. Use a to write out your love letter easily and, more importantly, legibly. 

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Scratch-Off Cards

Let loved ones try their luck with these DIY scratchers. The key is to mix with a little dish soap — and gift with a shiny penny, of course.

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Crafting Confessions
Confetti Hearts

This polaroid card is most certainly on trend — but the heart cut-outs give this 3D beauty the look of a .

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At Home in Love
I Only Have Eyes for You

A simple brown paper card and a loving message is made better with a few . All eyes will be on your card, that's for sure.

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K Werner Design
Watercolor Hearts

Get a little artsy with it. Show off your watercolor skills with these sunset-hued "bleeding" hearts. Top it off with a simple message or let the hearts stand on their own — up to you.

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Sprinkled with Love

On Valentine's Day, keep that sweetness coming with this "jar of heartsmarker and stamp DIY.

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Lia Griffith
Heart in the Clouds

We get it — your head and heart are in the clouds. But come back down to earth real quick to craft this pop-up card that is, best of all, made from a charming (and free!) printable.

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The Effortless Chic
Strings Attached

Offer this adorable mini bunting as a token of your love and affection.

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My So-Called Crafty Life
Pin One On

Many use mason jars to store treasures, so use this sweet design to offer your heart (they're actually wearable pins!) to the one you desire.

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No Biggie
Uplifting Message

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to bring a cheesy pun to life. And a card that sails through the air offers an extra bit of flair.

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The Nerd's Wife
Melted Heart

Skip foil-wrapped candies and make a multi-hued DIY crayon the centerpiece of your kid's V-Day cards for the class.

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Lucky in Love

Circles cut from pretty paper (finally, a reason to buy that you've been eyeing!) make fine fortunes to give to friends.

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Cross My Heart

Even novice stitchers can recreate this minimalist beauty — the effect is impressive nonetheless.

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Mayholic In Crafts
Cute Collage

Supplies from the craft store's stamp aisle get a DIY upgrade with this tutorial's easy embellishments.

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Rae Ann Kelly
Thumbs Up

Two presses of your thumb create a quick heart that also adds a personal touch to any card.

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Design Mom
Reach Out

A bit of trick photography (don't worry, it's easy to replicate) turns your kids' outstretched hands into a funny candy-delivery device.

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