How to Make Tissue Paper Flower Lollipops for Valentine's Day

This year, surprise your valentine with an oh-so-sweet bouquet that'll last way longer than roses.

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We're guessing we're not the only ones still buried in leftover holiday wrapping supplies. Sure, we could save the extra tissue paper for next year, but instead, we're using it to make adorable bouquets for our most-loved valentines. These colorful blooms are easy, beautiful and they include candy — so they're basically the perfect Valentine's Day DIY.


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  • Tissue paper ($8 for 100 sheets, )
  • Scissors ($3 each, )
  • Hole punch ($2 each, )
  • Lollipops ($15 for 300, )
  • Stapler ($4 each, )
  • Bamboo skewers ($6 for 100, )
  • Green tape or floral tape (We used Frog Tape — $6 each, )


1. Cut nine 8-inch squares of tissue paper.

2. Layer the squares on top of each other, alternating colors for a multicolored bloom.

3. Fold over one edge of the stacked tissue in a 1-inch strip.

4. Flip the stack over and fold the edge back the opposite way. Continue accordion-folding until the entire stack is complete.

5. Trim both ends into a curved shape (or try a pointed end for a different look).

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7. Open up your accordion and find the fold that's closest to the middle. Re-fold along this crease, and punch a hole on the edge so that you end up with an opening near the center of your square.

8. Insert the lollipop into your punched hole, then replace your accordion folds.

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9. Staple on both sides of the lollipop stick, getting as close to it as possible.

10. Carefully separate the layers of tissue paper on both sides of the lollipop, fluffing as you go to create a flower shape.

11. If you'll be putting your flower lollipops in a vase, use your green tape to attach the lollipop stick to a bamboo skewer, and continue wrapping the tape to create the flower's stem.

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