36 Easy and Colorful Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

#5 will make snack time so much more fun.

thanksgiving kids crafts
Danielle Occhiogrosso/A Pumpkin & a Princess

These easy fall crafts will help fill an empty afternoon during break — and they're so cute, you'll actually want to display them at the big meal afterward. Oh, and don't miss our Thanksgiving DIYs for adults!

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turkey pom pom - thanksgiving kids' crafts
Growing Up Gabel
Pom-Pom Turkeys

This craft requires some , , and a few other supplies, but it's super easy to make. Your kids will want to keep these cute lil' turkeys around for good.

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Cut-Out Turkey Favor Boxes

You'll can instantly download the files for this adorable turkey favor box. Just print the pages out on durable paper, then have the little ones cut them out and glue them together.

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thanksgiving kids table craft
Danielle Occhiogrosso
Gratitude Pie & Turkey Leg Placecard

A spinning "pie" chart can help kids pinpoint what they're thankful for. Cut out a construction paper circle the same size as the inside of a . Attach with , then remove a "slice" of pie. Write "I'm Thankful for …" along the top and ask them to add responses as they rotate the "slice" around the pie. Take it one step further with a simple "turkey leg" stuffed with candy, popcorn, or other goodies. Tape a paper bag's opening shut and wrap frayed white paper around the end. Finish by adding the child's name.

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corn husk painting craft
Hello, Wonderful
Corn Husk Painting

Your kids' love for rainbow-everything translates perfectly to this seasonal canvas. Attach the dried leaves to popsicle sticks for a "flower" or use a headband as a festive dress-up piece.

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turking pudding cup craft
Craft Create Cook
Turkey Pudding Cups

If you can't get your kids to eat squash even in pie form, prep this easy dessert alternative. You know you'll use the leftovers in school lunches, too.

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Pinecone Critters

When you're turkey-ed out, gather pinecones in the backyard to make other woodland creatures, like this too-cute crew from Lia Griffith. (Just leave the hot-gluing to adults, of course.)

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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Set
$8.70 (56% off)

Every foam craft in this four-project set is simple enough for even the littlest hands to assemble 'em. Let kids choose from a cornucopia door sign, a turkey dressed as a Pilgrim, a "tree of thanks," and a Peanuts picture frame.

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thanksgiving gratitude wall craft
Danielle Occhiogrosso
Wall of Blessings

Before you get out the Christmas advent calendar, try this day-counting ritual. Use clothespins to clip faux leaves to a twine-stringed frame. Then ask the kids to write down something they're grateful for each day of November and add it to the board.

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fall bookmark
Andrew McCaul
Fall Bookmark

Encourage the kiddos to get ahead on that book report over the break by making these cute placemarkers. Attach leaves trimmed from felt to popsicle sticks and you're good to go.

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family tree craft
Philip Friedman/Studio D
Family Tree

Introduce kids to the whole family before they visit for the holidays. For a seasonal spin, swap in red and orange for the springtime greens.

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Birdseed Wreath

You might be feasting inside, but don't forget about the birds outside. Give 'em a bona fide buffet by enlisting littles one to press sticky seeds into a mold. Then just wait for the backyard action to begin.

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Paper Plate Leaf

Mimic the changing leaves outside with on-hand supplies. Stick to traditional colors or let the kids add extra embellishments like stickers, doodles, or glitter glue.

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Merrilee Liddiard
Owl Puppet

There's lots of turkey talk already, so why not try another bird-brained project? A paper owl can become a puppet, hat, or mask depending on where you attach the string.

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Cork Sailboats

Make a pint-sized Mayflower and give the kids a mini history lesson about the Pilgrims' transatlantic voyage. These too-cute vessels can even double as place cards for the big meal!

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Paper Apples

Apple picking is one of the best parts of fall, and this paper craft only adds to the fun. Recycle cardboard tubes as the core, and top with for the skin.

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Leaf Suncatchers

Don't do all of the prep work yourself. Enlist the kids to rip up tissue paper and they'll gladly help out.

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Pumpkin Handprint

Far-away family will love this adorable greeting card. Use tiny hands to stamp out pumpkins (or red apples), and have kids write a little hello.

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Fall Leaf Painting

Painting on top of backyard leaves creates graphic negative space when you peel them away. Plus, it's an excuse to head outside and find the necessary supplies.

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Cheerio Corn on the Cob

Breakfast becomes kernels in this clever fall craft. Use or even for a multicolor effect.

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One Creative Mommy
Paper Pumpkin

A much easier version of the ever-popular paper quilling, this brightly colored pumpkin will look super cute hanging in a window.

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Handmade Charlotte
Leaf Catcher

Allow each child to write down what they're thankful for, and then capture all of their positive thoughts into this pretty display.

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Crafty Morning
Handprint Hat

Make a craft and wear it, too! This cute turkey headpiece is made from traced hands and .

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Fireflies + Mud Pies
Pine Cone Turkey

Scavenge your backyard for pine cones — they're the perfect body for a sweet little turkey.

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Happiest Mommy on the Block
Hand Turkey

Dubbed by this blogger as a great last-minute craft, a "hand turkey" only requires a handprint and some .

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Paper Bag Scarecrow

This scarecrow isn't so scary, thanks to his and colorful hat.

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About Family Crafts
Mason Jar Turkey

A makes an appearance in yet another DIY. This time it's as a turkey — with colored popsicle sticks as its feathers.

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Pilgrim Hat

Stash crayons (or pencils and pens) in this mini pilgrim hat made from a .

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Purely From the Heart
Corn Wreath

This blogger (and her young ones) used to make each ear of corn look just like one you'd find in a field.

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Crafty Morning
Colorful Feathers

With bulging bug eyes and vibrant plumes, these turkeys will look great as a holiday table topper.

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Crafty Morning
Tissue Paper Turkey

Using another (because we know you could spare a few more), glue on feathers with a paint brush.

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