7 Easy Crock-Pot Recipes to Add to Your Thanksgiving Menu

Those pecan-stuffed baked apples might give pumpkin pie a run for its money.

thanksgiving crock pot recipes

Just think of all the other things you could do on Thanksgiving instead of watching over your food while it cooks — like setting the table, putting a movie on, or playing games with the kids, for example. That's why using a slow cooker to prepare desserts and side dishes will help free up your morning ahead of the big meal. All of these recipes require less than 20 minutes of preparation before they can start simmering and steaming away while you soak up family time.

And if you're debating whether to upgrade to a bigger size or wifi-enabled pot, shop the best slow cookers tested by the GolfHr Institute. The added room will come in handy if you end up doubling the recipe.

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Smoky Vegan Black Bean Soup
smoky vegan black bean soup - thanksgiving crock pot recipes
Mike Garten

Yep, even your vegan friends and family can enjoy this side on Thanksgiving. It combines veggies, beans, and avocado to make one refreshingly filling, plant-based soup.

Get the recipe for Smoky Vegan Black Bean Soup »

Pecan Stuffed Baked Apples
pecan stuffed baked apples - thanksgiving crock pot recipes
Con Poulos

Just when you thought Thanksgiving dessert couldn't get any better than your favorite pie, these sweet apples (stuffed with dried fruit!) come in and steal the spotlight.

Get the recipe for Pecan Stuffed Baked Apples »

White Bean Cassoulet With Pork and Lentils
white bean cassoulet with pork and lentils - thanksgiving crock pot recipes

This cassoulet needs an entire day to cook, but it's definitely worth it. The white beans, lentils, and meat make it a hearty side next to your turkey.

Get the recipe for White Bean Cassoulet With Pork and Lentils »

Spiced Chickpea Stew
spiced chickpea stew - thanksgiving crock pot recipes
Con Poulos

Top this vegetarian stew with a fried or poached egg for an even more protein-packed side.

Get the recipe for Spiced Chickpea Stew »

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
garlic mashed potatoes - thanksgiving crock pot recipe
Chelsea Lupkin

What would Thanksgiving dinner be without a heaping pile of mashed potatoes on your plate?! This easy recipe has the perfect ratio of creaminess and flavor.

Sweet Potato Soup
sweet potato soup - thanksgiving crock pot recipes
Woman's Day

Sweet potatoes will always please a crowd, but this soup kicks it up a notch with some Indian spices, toasted almonds, and Greek yogurt.

Get the recipe for Sweet Potato Soup »

Cinnamon Rolls

Leave those store-bought cinnamon rolls in the refrigerated aisle – this easy, homemade version will have the whole family wanting more.

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