20 Gifts That Tween Girls Will Totally Love

No side eye, only heart emojis.

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She's in that transitional time between childhood and her teen years, which makes nailing down the perfect present even more difficult. With these picks — some super trendy, others timeless — she'll be on cloud nine. Plus, get the best gift ideas for tween boys and great gifts for teens!

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Sterling Children's Books
How to Code: A Step-By-Step Guide to Computer Coding
$10.46 (30% off)

Gift her this book and your future coder will have a website built by the time she gets to the last page.

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Kedudes Beads Kit

Have her arrange the design of her choice with the colorful beads. Once it's done, she can grab a parent to fuse them together using an iron and make it into a magnet, a keychain, or any other keepsake she can think up. 

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Emoji Life Coloring
Emoji Coloring Book

So she can still use her heart-eye emojis even when it's screen-free time. 

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DIY Squishies
WATINC amazon.com

If your tween is into the Squishies fad, this DIY set will let them design their own. They'll get a blind bag of 10 Squishies, and they'll get to color them in to make them one-of-a-kind. 

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Singing Machine
Singing Machine Karaoke System

Great for a night in with family and friends, this machine will have your teen belting out her favorite songs. You can pick from thousands of songs using an app, CDs, MP3 files, or Bluetooth. In fact, you can even connect it to your TV to display lyrics on the screen.  

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PB Teen
Rose Gold Mini Cinema Lightbox

Your tween can swap out the letters on this LED lightbox, then use the signage to telegraph her mood or make an eye-catching Instagram caption.  

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Shop Disney
Disney Snow White Crossbody Bag

You're never too old for Disney fairy tales, so this bag is perfect for your forever princess.  

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LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall

For serious LEGO builders, this set comes with more than 800 pieces. Assemble 'em to look like Hogwarts, complete with a spiral staircase and a Mirror of Erised. 

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Iron-on Patch


She can adorn her backpack, jean jacket, hats and shirts with these . Just make sure she knows to ask Mom and Dad before ironing them on.

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She's likely been pining after this popular smartphone accessory. It lets her mount her phone upright for hands-free YouTube watching and hold it with one hand for enhanced selfies.

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Unicorn Portable Charger


No more "Sorry, my phone died!" excuses thanks to this adorable unicorn charger. It's fueled by batteries, so she can use it to power up no matter where she goes.

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Hearing Things Game


Perfect for her next slumber party, this game challenges players to decipher phrases by reading their teammates lips, while taking turns wearing noise-cancelling headphones.

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Mermaid Tail Blanket


This wool-knit blanket will make even her lounge time magical.

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Pusheen Snackable Donut Plush


This plush toy combines two of her favorite things: donuts and the popular cartoon character Pusheen.

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Girls' Cozy Unicorn Hoodie

The shimmery unicorn horn and rainbow mane on the hood of this comfy hoodie will give every outfit a magical touch.

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Unicorn Onesie

$16 and up

Or just deck her out from head to toe — not only is the unicorn onesie super colorful and cute on the outside, but the cozy polyester material will keep her super warm through chilly winter weekends.

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Uncommon Goods
DIY Bath Bombs


These bath bombs are one way to get her excited about chemistry. She'll use a PH scale to balance out the acids and bases, resulting in her own little balls of fizz for bath time.

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Chef'n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker


Dessert has never been so easy. With some adult assistance, she can pour the ice cream base of her dreams over the frozen base. Then, with a few scoops and turns, she'll have the perfect sundae in seconds.

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Roller Derby
Roller Derby Roller Skates

$80 and up

Take a cue from your childhood with these retro roller skates. They'll finally get her off her phone and outdoors.

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