25+ Gift Experiences for Everyone in the Family

Mom needs to see So You Think You Can Dance? live.

Experience Gifts
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Material gifts are always fun to unwrap, but studies you may feel like your money is better spent on adventures. These classes, excursions, and lessons — for the music lover, the adventurist, and more — will turn into good times they'll never forget.

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experience gifts - online guitar lessons
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Online Guitar Lessons


She can learn how to play classic songs from her own living room with the Center Stage Guitar Academy beginner's guitar lesson package. More than 2,500 people have rated it five stars on Groupon, raving about how it helped them get started.

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experience gifts - macaron baking class
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Mille-Feuille Baking School Class


You don't have to fly to Paris to help the budding baker in your life learn more about making macarons. This class is rated five stars on Groupon, and reviewers couldn't get enough of the beautiful, delicious final product.

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Brit & Co
Lettering Class

Give your crafty mother-in-law a new project to tackle. This 47-minute course from Brit & Co. teaches her the ins and out of hand-lettering. She may even have her own font by the time she finishes!

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gift experiences - classpass live
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Classpass Live

$15 per month

Upgrade her jazzercise DVDs with Classpass Live. The streaming service uses a heart-rate monitor so she can work out with instructors in real time. She might even get a special shout out if she's pushing extra-hard.

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experience gifts -so you think you can dance live
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"So You Think You Can Dance?" Live

$29 and up

If she can't stop talking about the Season 15 finale, snag these tickets so she can see all her favorites performer live in her hometown city.

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gift experiences - master class
Klaus Vedfelt

Prices vary

He may have graduated years ago, but MasterClass makes it possible for him to stay sharp. He can take notes from the best of the best of the best, including Gordon Ramsay, Malcolm Gladwell, Annie Leibovitz and more.

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gift experiences - airbnb experiences
Ioannis Tsotras
Airbnb Concerts

Prices vary

Airbnb isn't traditional with its lodging offers, and the same holds true for concerts. Shows are held in intimate and unique spaces (like tree houses!) across 25 cities, so you'll always experience something new.

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gift experiences - date night voucher
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Cloud 9 Living Date Night

Prices vary

Save this for the next time you and your partner can't decide on Friday night plans. Just pick your city and Cloud 9 Living will offer up experiences like food tours, flight lessons, and more.

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gift experiences - plant nite
Plant Nite
Plant Nite


Think of Plant Nite as the wine and paint class of 2018. You can still enjoy a glass of Merlot, but this time you'll be crafting a succulent terrarium.

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gift experiences - pasta making class
Thanasis Zovoilis
Pasta Making Class


Nothing tastes better than pasta you made yourself and with , you can take a hands-on class for less than it cost to eat out.

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gift experiences - pack up and go
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Pack Up and Go

Prices vary

The worst part of vacationing is actually planning the vacation, so let Pack Up and Go do it for you. Fill out a questionnaire and the travel service will handle the rest. The only catch: You won't know where you're going until it's time to leave.

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experience gifts - sinema

$15 per month

See up to three movies for just $15 per month thanks to Sinema's elite plan. You don't have to worry about blackout days or seats selling out, unlike other similar services.

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Alice's Table
Flower Arranging Class


Skip the bouquet: Alice's Table host events across the country that teach her the art of flower arranging, while she sips on cocktails. At the end, she leaves with her own fresh-cut flowers.

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Getty ImagesiFly
Indoor Skydiving

$72 and up

This indoor activity lets him experience the thrill of skydiving without having to jump from a plane with a parachute. Plus, the company has over 30 locations all over the world, so he won't have to travel far to fly.

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Wine Tour in Tuscany

Prices vary

This tour in Tuscany offers delectable sips she will never forget, along with an authentic lunch at a family-owned vineyard. With nearly 200 five-star reviews on Trip Advisor, there's no going wrong with this choice.

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DJ Lesson


Your ahead-of-the-trends nephew will love this hands-on DJing course that covers everything he'll need to get started, plus mi techniques and tips for amping up his audience. He'll be the go-to for family weddings in no time!

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iPhone App Making 101


Your Silicone Valley-obsessed friend will freak out over the chance to create his own smartphone app. This course offers 15+ hours of content, covering all the fundamentals of creating a fully functioning app. Who knows, maybe he'll come up with the next Snapchat!

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Espresso Lesson


The West Coast coffee lover will have a chance to upgrade her brew-making skills with this two-and-a-half-hour class. It takes place at Jane, once of the most famous cafes in San Francisco.

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Photography Lesson


Whether she's an iPhone shooter or a DSLR pro, this course offers the tips and tricks that will have all her photos looking high quality. Then, once she's got her technique down, it'll teach her how to monetize her work with a guide to selling, licensing and more.

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Rosetta Stone


For Mom's upcoming trip abroad, this instant download will have her fluent in the language of her choice by the time the plane takes off.

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Broadway Tickets

Prices vary

Sure, it might be awhile before she can see , but with popular picks like and , there's tons of hits to choose from.

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Paw Patrol Live

Prices vary

What's better than Paw Patrol? Paw Patrol in real life. This live-action version of the popular TV show has Ryder and his pirate pup friends fighting to rescue Cap'n Turbot from an unknown cavern.

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Glass Fusion Class


For the art aficionado, this course will immerse her in a new skill set. The 90-minute introduction class, which takes place in Los Angeles, offers an overview of the glass fusion process, leaving every student with her own masterpiece to take home.

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Helicopter Flight Lesson


A trip to New York City is glamorous on its own, but throw in a helicopter flight around the city and it will truly be unforgettable. He'll even have the option of controlling the plane through out the flight.

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Luxury Massage

Prices vary

Give the gift of relaxation without watching your blood pressure skyrocket over the price. Groupon offers reduced prices of all types of massages — even couples' deals if you want to get in on the action.

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"The Price Is Right" Live

$33 and up

Fanatics of the popular game show finally have the chance to compete themselves as part of this road show, held at casinos across the country. That means Dad will finally have the chance to show off his price-guessing skills.

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Sushi-Making Class

Prices vary

Give your culinary expert a chance to learn a skill outside of his go-to recipes. Sushi making classes, , teach the art of rolling sashimi into delicious bite size pieces.

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gift experiences - manhattan by sail
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Manhattan By Sail


Set sail and watch the sunset fall over Ellis Island. Thanks to the bar on board, you can do it with a nautical-themed cocktail in hand.

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