25+ Funny Gag Gift Ideas That Are Just Too Perfect

They're definitely silly ... but also oddly useful?

gag gifts

Lighten up the holidays with the kind of your friends and family will either love, hate, or love-hate.

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Corgi Socks
Corgi Socks


There's the reason the Queen is obsessed. Those little faces! The big ears! It's too much!

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Relative Insanity
Relative Insanity

Think of this game as "Cards Against Humanity" for the whole family. The person with the funniest response to prompts like “When my brother brought out his new baby to show the family, Granny blurted out…” wins! 

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Remote-Controlled Fake Giant Cockroach
Remote-Controlled Fake Giant Cockroach


A prank that's maybe a little too real for your city-dwelling niece. She'll laugh with you after she gets over the shock!

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Wine Condoms
Wine Condoms

She'll blush at first, until she realizes how useful these wine protectors are for preserving an unfinished bottle.

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Baguette Slippers
October Elf
Baguette Slippers


These fluffy loafers will remind him of his other favorite type of loaf.

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Golden Girls Monopoly

The perfect opportunity to find out which one of you is a Blanche, and which one is more of a Dorothy. 

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KLG and Hoda Wine Glass Set

As long as you have these glasses, it's totally acceptable to have a glass of Pinot with breakfast. 

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Its Your Turn Socks
It's Your Turn to Walk the Dog Socks

Tell your husband that it's just the rule. 

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The Cheeky Doormat
Cheeky Doormat

Your guests deserve to know. 

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Uncommon Goods
Adulting Ribbon


With accomplishments like "I Put on Pants Today!" there's nowhere to go but up.

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Shop on Market
The Guzzle Buddy


If she only has time for "one" glass of wine, this should do the trick.

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Citizen Goods
Mini Flip Cup Set


The perfect way for Uncle Joe to relive his college glory days without getting Bud Light all over the floor.

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fred taco truck taco holder
Fred & Friends
Taco Truck Taco Holders


Any taco aficionado knows that the ones from the truck are always the best kind.

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kikkerland magnetic decision maker
Magnetic Decision Maker


So your friend can never decide where to go to dinner? Problem solved.

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ravensburger blank puzzle challenge
654-Piece Blank Puzzle


As if the monochrome pieces weren't hard enough, this fiendish design circles out in a spiral. Your friend may never speak to you again.

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fred unzipped hand-blown glass bowl
Fred & Friends
Hand-Blown Glass Candy Bowl


This isn't your grandma's candy dish. And they better not put those starlight mints in there, either.

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grindstore oh for fox sake mug
"Oh For Fox Sake" Mug


Hehe ... get it?

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sharp shirter slothzilla shower curtain
Sharp Shirter
Slothzilla Shower Curtain


Forget your gift list — you need one of these over-the-top curtains ASAP.

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death wish ground coffee
Death Wish Coffee Company
The World's Strongest Coffee


It's supposedly the "world's strongest coffee," but there's only one way to find out.

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chezmax donut pillow
Donut Pillow


Homer Simpson would approve of these frosting-themed cushions. Is it bad that we want a dozen?

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nailed it notes
Knock Knock
Nailed It Notepad


High fives all around! You've done it! (Whatever "it" is.)

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kikkerland dog but magnets
Dog Butt Animal Magnets


What's cuter: the little pug butt or the little Dalmatian butt? Also, butts will never not be funny.

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one hundred 80 degrees army man bottle opener
One Hundred 80 Degrees
Army Man Bottle Opener


Anyone who played with the little plastic kind growing up can appreciate the adult version.

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fred bear hand oven mitts
Fred & Friends
Bear Hands Oven Mitts


These heat-resistant gloves give a whole new meaning to the phrase "paws off."

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bag of unicorn farts cotton candy
Bag of Farts
Bag of Unicorn Farts


Even the friend that has everything doesn't have this. (Psst: It's actually cotton candy.)

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color the 90's: the ultimate 90's coloring book for adults
Swear Word Coloring Book
The Ultimate '90s Coloring Book


Pokémon, Dunkaroos, Bill Nye the Science Guy ... the gang's all here.

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We can stop laughing at Gramma and Ginga.

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