10 Fun St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts to Get You in the Shenanigans Spirit

No one will dare pinch you.


Whether you see St. Patrick's Day as celebration of Irish heritage, a day to feel like luck is on your side, or just an opportunity to drink green beer, there's a fun t-shirt to show everyone you're excited about the centuries-old holiday.

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Keep Calm & Leprechaun


The "Keep Calm & [Insert Verb Here] On" meme has been done to death, but this play on words is a hilarious exception to the overkill.

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Lucky Charms

$20 and up

This raglan tee features a vintage Lucky Charms logo that's definitely cute enough to wear year-round.

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Irish Rockstar

$10 and up

Okay, so AC/DC, the band whose logo this tee is based on, is Australian, but you have to admit, their font looks great in support of the Irish.

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Ask Me About St. Patrick's Day

$8 and up

Surprise everyone who follows through with the shirt's instructions by pulling the tee over your head to reveal a cute leprechaun's face over yours. (Just be sure to layer that day!)

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Virginia is for Clovers


Anyone who grew up in the '70s or '80s remembers the "Virginia Is for Lovers" tourism campaign — and they'll appreciate this funny St. Patrick's Day twist on the famous slogan.

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My Shirt Is Green

$8 and up

Just in case the pinch patrol needs an extra reminder that you're following the unspoken rules of St. Patrick's Day apparel, this shirt will keep them in line.

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Faux Formalwear


This long-sleeve tee looks like an adorably tacky St. Patrick's Day tux, but it's far more comfortable (and less regretable) than the real thing.

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Irish I Could Drink

$18 and up

St. Patrick's Day is hard when you're a mom-to-be who has a history of green-beer bar crawls. Be on your best behavior in this funny tee.

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Luckiest Mom


Past your pregnancy and loving motherhood? This sweet tee will let everyone know why you feel so fortunate this St. Patrick's Day.

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This Girl Loves St. Patrick's Day

Who has two thumbs and looks forward to St. Patrick's Day shenanigans each year? If it's you, there's a t-shirt for that!

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WATCH: Make a St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt with Your Kids

You'll both have fun with this easy craft!

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