20+ Green Drinks for St. Patrick's Day That Aren't Just Green Beer

Chardonnay + matcha becomes ... green WINE!


We have the best boozy cocktails, creative mocktails, and even milkshakes in everyone's favorite St. Patrick's Day hue. But don't forget: Drinks are always more Irish when there's whiskey involved. Sláinte!

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Sammy Goldfien
Matcha Honey Spritzer

Pour yourself a glass of green wine (yeah, we're making it a thing): Mix white wine with matcha, honey, and ginger ale.

Get the recipe for Matcha Honey Spritzer »

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Courtesy of Freutcake
Lucky Leprechaun Rum Punch

Adding rum is optional, but (vehemently) encouraged.

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Johnny Miller
Irish Buck

This fresh drink, made with lime, ginger ale and whiskey, will make anyone believe in the luck of the Irish. 

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Courtesy of Tammilee Tips
Fuzzy Leprechaun

This delicious, fruity cocktail — made with peach schnapps, blue Curacao, and vodka — might leave you feeling a little bit fuzzy. 

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Courtesy of Cook at Paleo
Paleo Shamrock Shake

McDonald's original "Shamrock Shake" recipe calls for a whopping 54 ingredients. This paleo version requires just four — avocado, coconut milk, fresh green mint, and shaved dark chocolate. That green hue is au naturale, my friends.

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Courtesy of Mix That Drink
Emerald Isle

We love the name of this gin-based drink almost as much as we love the taste. 

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Courtesy of Park Ranger John
Irish Sour Apple Cocktail

Whiskey is definitely the drink of the Irish, but throw in a shot of green apple vodka for good measure.

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Courtesy of Savoring Simple
Vanilla Avocado Smoothie

This thick, creamy smoothie tastes like a vanilla milkshake but is way healthier (and unlike a milkshake, no one will judge you if you drink it for breakfast).  

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Courtesy of Love & Lemons
Green Tea Latte

Skip the line at Starbucks. Make your own matcha latte at home in like a minute.

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Courtesy of How Sweet Eats
Matcha Ginger Kombucha Fizz

This fresh, fun cocktail proves that matcha is good for more than just tea. 

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Courtesy of Joy the Baker
Good Morning Greens

Beer for breakfast isn't your thing? Sip on this kale-loaded festive smoothie and gloat.

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Courtesy of Heather Christo
Spicy BLT Green Bloody Marys

Step up your brunch game. Serve these fiery, festive-green Bloody Marys to all your happy-go-lucky guests.

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Courtesy of Inspired by Charm
Ginger & Mint Lime Float

Looking to stay sober? You're in luck. This festive refreshment is alcohol-free.

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Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest
Mean Green Smoothie

This detox smoothie is a healthy pick to start the holiday off right (or maybe to help you recover the day after — we won't judge). 

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Courtesy of How Sweet Eats
Boozy Lucky Charms Cereal Milkshakes

These milkshakes are so magically delicious you'll have to make more than one. Prepare to be hungover.

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Courtesy of Gourmande in the Kitchen
Green Apple Ginger Martini

Granny Smith apples feel like fall (hello, pie), but look like St. Paddy's Day. So, we'll let this happen.

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Courtesy of Restless Chipotle
Irish Margaritas

Put an Irish twist on this classic cantina drink and let the fiesta begin.

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Courtesy of Sugar and Charm
Jameson Jello Shots

Jello shots totally count as drinks ... right?

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Courtesy of Pizzazzerie
Shamrock Sour

Irish whiskey and green food dye give this classic cocktail a St. Paddy's Day twist.

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Courtesy of The Spring Mount 6 Pack
Alcohol-Free St. Patrick's Day Punch

If you're throwing a St. Patrick's Day party with kids, this festive and alcohol-free punch is the way to go. 

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Courtesy of Cooking with Curls
Boozy Shamrock Shake

This frosty drink is even better than the one that's sold at that fast food place. (Because, booze.)

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Courtesy of Dine & Dish
St. Patrick's Day Grasshopper Cocktails

We're digging this concoction of minty green ice cream and booze.

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Courtesy of Mix That Drink
Irish Flag Shot

A round of these shots, made with Irish Cream, green creme de menthe and Licor 43, will have everyone excited about their Irish heritage. 

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