If You're Going to Make a Gingerbread House, Use One of These Kits

We looked into it, and they're prime real estate!

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It isn’t Christmas without a heap of white icing, candy wafer shingles, and a pile of gingerbread walls waiting to be covered in gumdrops. Here are our very favorite gingerbread house kits — from classic cabins to mega mansions. If these seem too easy, we've got even more super creative gingerbread house ideas!

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Wondershop Pre-Assembled House

No assembly required! This classic kit comes stacked with a pre-built gingerbread house, red and white icing, gum balls, mini bead candy, peppermint balls, spearmint leaves, and jelly hearts.

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Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Gingerbread Kit
$12.27 (23% off)

Disney fans, this one's for you. Take Mickey and Minnie's house to the next level with itty bitty candy canes, gumdrops, and plenty of mouse-shaped candies to seal the deal. 

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Cookies United
Cookies United Candyland Gingerbread House
$12.67 (41% off)

It's your favorite childhood game IRL! Candy Land's kit comes with candy jewels and stars, fruity gummies, sprinkles, swirls, loads of icing, and more.  

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Wondershop Footie Pajamas Cookies

Footie pajamas are an underrated holiday tradition with endless decorating potential. These sugar cookies are ready to be iced and set out for Santa on Christmas Eve!

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Wondershop Chocolate Tree Kit

If you prefer chocolate to gingerbread, plant this sweet treat on your kitchen table and get decorating. The white icing and bright candies pop against the dark cookies.

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Hello Kitty Sweet Retreat Candy Gingerbread Box

Sugarfina's Hello Kitty gingerbread bento box is the perfect gift for the candy lover in your life. It includes eight sweet treats, like apple pie gummies and cinnamon nibbles. 

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Cookies United
Cookies United Minions Gingerbread House Kit

The Minions took care of baking the gingerbread for you — all you have to do is assemble the walls with frosting and cover them with Christmas candy. 

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Wilton Mini Village Kit

It takes a village, and this one's perfect for playdates or for families with siblings. Little ones (with little hands) will love adding icing and candy to these four pint-size gingerbread houses! 

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Wilton Bling Gingerbread House

Think beyond the red and green and go for glitter. This sparkly house comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is add icing and candy to your heart's desire.  

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