15 St. Patrick's Day Wreaths That'll Give Your Home Some Good Luck

Who knows? Your front door might even lead to a pot of gold ...

St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Etsy / Flamingo Toes

We could all use a little magic — and on St. Patrick's Day, it all starts at your front door. Bring good luck to your neighborhood by adding one of these easy-to-make (or easy-to-buy!) wreaths. And since it's what's on the inside that really counts, check out these festive decorating ideas.

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Shamrock Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Flamingo Toes
Lucky Shamrocks Wreath

Dress up a basic burlap wreath with a miniature rainbow banner, felt shamrocks, and gold accents.

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Glittered Shamrocks Wreath

For a more luxe option, add this glitzy gold and green beauty to your front door. 

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Felt Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Make Bake Celebrate
Felt Wreath

This super-chic wreath is actually made with two of the most inexpensive craft supplies out there: yarn and felt. Yes and yes.

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Eucalyptus Wreath

This country-chic wreath goes light on the shamrocks and heavy on the burlap. 

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Grapevine Wreath

'Tis the season for luck, burlap, and green flowers galore. 

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Tulle Wreath

This vibrant, multi-tonal wreathe combines everything we love: gingham, polka dots, and glitter. 

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Pier 1 Imports
Wood Curl Shamrock Wreath

Shamrocks symbolize the rebirth of spring. This rustic-inspired wreath, however, symbolizes your new and improved curb appeal.

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Fuzzy Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreath
Bearcub Creations
Grassy Wreath

Pay homage to the rolling hills of Ireland with this fuzzy green wreath.

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Pier 1 Importants
Shamrock Berry Wreath

Subtle and sweet, this green and gold wreath can stay on display all season long. 

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Ribbon Wreath

Trendy chevron and polka-dot patterns make this wreath a total stand-out. 

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Shamrock Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Bubbly Nature Creations
Bean Wreath

Skip your craft closet and head straight to the kitchen. This mosaic wreath is made from lima beans and split peas.

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Balloon Wreath -St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Hoosier Homemade
Rainbow Wreath

At the end of every rainbow (wreath) is a pot of gold. So, happy crafting!

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Paper Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Sugar Bee Crafts
Paper Spiral Wreath

Because paper flowers are a no-brainer for people lacking a green thumb.

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Bow Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Babs Made It
Bow Wreath

If you can tie your shoes, you can make this adorable bow wreath. See for yourself.

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Wreath - St. Patrick's Day Wreaths
Courtesy of Punkie Pies
Traditional Wreath

Fabric shamrocks give a traditional green wreath an extra festive touch.

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