24 St. Patrick's Day Crafts to Make With Your Kids

These cute ideas require green, gold, and a little bit of luck.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Polkadot Chair / Typically Simple

We know you don't need an excuse to break out the rainbow glitter, but these kid-friendly craft ideas will definitely make you reach for your scissors and glue to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit. For more adult-friendly decorating ideas, check out these festive wreaths and party decorations.

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Shamrock Puppets - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Typically Simple
Shamrock Puppets

First: Craft an assortment of felt shamrock puppets. Then: Attend puppet shows ... constantly.

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Rainbow - St Patrick's Day Crafts
White House Crafts
Pom-Pom Rainbow

Encourage her to always follow the rainbow with this pom-pom wall decor that she can leave up year-round.

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Pot of Gold Mason Jar- St Patrick's Day Crafts
Polkadot Chair
Pot of Gold Mason Jar

The sentiment on the tag is just as sweet as the gift itself because well, chocolate coins.

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Bath Bomb - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Mom Foodie
Shamrock Shake Bath Bomb

Inspired by McDonald's minty milkshake, this green bath bomb will turn regular ol' bath time into a spa night of sorts.

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Emoji-Face Clover Craft

 comes with 12 shamrocks and all the eyes, mouths, and eyebrows you need to make your own favorite silly emoji face.

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Shamrock Wand - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Confessions of a Disneyaholic Mom
Shamrock Wands

Your little fairy needs a wand that's just as magical as she is. That's why this glittery gold and green shamrock wand exists.

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Rainbow Headband - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Cutesy Crafts
Rainbow Headband

Turn her least-worn headband into a party-ready look with ribbon and sweet shamrock accent.

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Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
That's What Che Said
Clay Pot Leprechaun Hats

Transform empty clay pots into leprechaun hats that you can use to decorate your mantle, dining room table, or kid's nightstand.

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Washi Tape Suncatcher - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Typically Simple
Washi Tape Suncatcher

Remember all that washi tape you bought for the bullet journal you never used? Here's a clever way to finally use it.

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SHEFIZ Magic Painting Kit

You know what rainbows lead to? Pots of gold ... and unicorns. 

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Metallic Slime

Mix in green food coloring and gold glitter for the ultimate St. Paddy's slime.

Get the tutorial »

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Leprechaun Trap - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Fun Money Mom
Rooftop Garden Leprechaun Traps

Your house doesn't invite over just any leprechaun. Your leprechauns are fancy, which means the only way to lure them in is with this multi-level trap.

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Shamrock Shake Soap - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Beauty Crafter
Shamrock Shake Soap

Waking up to green soap (well, green everything!) is all the evidence your kids need to confirm that the leprechaun made a sneaky stop at your house during the night.

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Mason Jar - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Midwestern Moms
St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar

Fill this mason jar, complete with a shamrock silhouette, with chocolate coins or bright-green candies.

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Hair clip  - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Confessions of a Disneyaholic Mom
Four Leaf Clover Hair Clip

Add a wee bit of festive cheer to her hair with an oversized felt shamrock clip.

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Eraser Shirt - St Patrick's Day Crafts
Cutesy Crafts
Eraser Stamped St. Patrick's Day Shirt

Remember wearing your shamrock-studded Old Navy shirt as a kid? This one is even more memorable because it's made by yours truly.

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Rainbow Pom Pom - St Patrick's Day Crafts
My Sister's Suitcase
Pom Pom Headband

This colorful, kid-friendly headband is perfect for the little girl that loves to accessorize and the mom who has an overflowing craft bin.

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St Patrick's Day Crafts - Hats
The House That Lars Built
Marbleized Hats

Top these streamer-fringed caps with shamrocks for an extra dose of luck.

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Rainbow Vase - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Honey Bear Lane
Rainbow Candy Jar

Because the type of gold that we really want is the kind that's full of chocolate.

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St. Patrick's Day Crafts - Shamrock Pins
Lia Griffith
Shamrock Pins

Don a subtle nod to the holiday with these pins that spread well wishes to those around you.

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St. Patrick's Day Craft - Rainbow Headband
Studio DIY
Rainbow Headband

Try this colorful version for St. Patrick's Day, then consider more monochromatic palettes (pink and cream!) for a bridal or baby shower.

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St Patrick's Day Crafts - Garland
Design Improvised
Green Garland

Your mantel or breakfast bar deserves some décor year-round, not just at Christmas.

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St. Patrick's Day Crafts - Party Poppers
Studio DIY
Polka Dot Poppers

These pretty poppers may be little, but they pack a serious dose of confetti.

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Fingerprint Shamrock - St. Patrick's Day Crafts
Easy Peasy and Fun
Fingerprint Shamrock

Kids will really love rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands all green to make these cute four-leaf clovers.

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