18 DIY Father's Day Gifts That Are Surprisingly Easy to Make

Dad told you not to buy him anything ... but what about make?

DIY Father's Day Gifts
Jacquelyn Clark / Unoriginal Mom

Even Mr. Tough Guy loves a Father's Day gift that pulls on his heartstrings. Go the extra mile with one of these DIY ideas to celebrate Dad's grilling skills, beard, and his undying love for his family (and beer!). They'll earn you one of his signature bear hugs, for sure. And if you pair the gift one of these handmade cards, then you'll really steal the show (and his heart).

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1 Beer Bouquet
Beer Bouquet - DIY Father's Da Gifts
Unoriginal Mom

Since you know he really just wants a case of his favorite beer for Father's Day...

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2 Instagram Picture Frame
Instagram Picture Frame - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Small Stuff Counts

If it was a milestone year in your family (new baby! graduation!), this wooden frame will serve as a highlight reel for Dad to enjoy for years to come.

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3 Building Memories Jar
Building Memories Jar - DIY Father's Day Gifts
The Seasoned Mom

If they're willing to give up their LEGOs (a.k.a. their pride and joy), then get your kids involving by having them brainstorm fun activities to do with dad.

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4 Grilling Apron
Apron - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Lovely Indeed

Set him up to grill in style with a custom apron that'll keep his trusty pair of khakis totally clean.

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5 Grill Master Hanging Display
Grill Master Hanging Display - DIY Father's Day Gifts
The Rustic Willow

Put the kids to work on this hanging grill tool display. And while you're at it, pick up a new BBQ set for dad.

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6 Leather Drink Sleeve
Leather Drink Sleeve  - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Remind him of his outdoorsman spirit with a leather drink sleeve. It's way better than a store-bought "World's Best Dad" mug.

7 Citronella "Man-dles"
Citronella "Man-dles" - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Hello Glow

For a masculine touch, make homemade candles in paint cans. Plus, Dad will definitely appreciate that they keep the mosquitos away when he's camping or grilling.

8 Tie Rack
Tie Rack - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous

After years of giving him a tie for Father's Day, surprise him with a crafty way to keep them all organized.

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9 Wood Slice Coasters
Wood Slice Coasters - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Courtesy of That's What Che Said

Dad will finally use a coaster if it looks as cool as these personalized rustic ones.

10 Vinyl Record Bowls
Vinyl Record Bowls - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Courtesy of Stars for Streetlights

If Dad's got a scratched record laying around, give it a new life as a bowl to store small trinkets and tchotchkes.

11 DIY Pre-Shave Oil
DIY Pre-Shave Oil - DIY Father's Day Gifts
The Merrythought

Treat his five o'clock shadow to a nourishing blend of grapeseed oil, olive oil, and an essential oil of your choice (we vote sandalwood!).

12 Cookout Kit
Cookout Kit - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Jacquelyn Clark

Restock the grill master's cookout arsenal for summer with new tools, top-notch condiments, and his very own apron.

13 Geometric Leather Mouse Pad
Geometric Leather Mouse Pad - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Delia Creates

Amp up his desk with a leather mouse pad. You'll need a rotary cutter for this project, so be careful, will ya?

14 DIY Pour-Over Coffee Stand
DIY Pour-Over Coffee Stand - DIY Father's Day Gifts
The Merrythought

Woodworking experience is a plus for this bad boy, but hey, for the promise of caffeine on the other side, we just might learn.

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15 Anchor Print
Anchor Print - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Fynes Designs

Let him know he's your bulwark in the storm with this print-and-trace project.

16 Printable Father's Day Gift Tags
Gift Tags - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Almost Makes Perfect

In muted, monochrome shades, these block letter printables will be the cherry-on-top of Dad's gift.

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17 3D Bow Tie Card
3D Bow Tie Card - DIY Father's Day Gifts
The House That Lars Built

You'll need a picture of Dad (Start looking!) and a snazzy bow tie for this gift-meets-card hybrid.

18 DIY Neck Tie
Tie - DIY Father's Day Gifts
Purl Soho

A tie may be a cliché Father's Day gift, but a tie that you made yourself? That's special!

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