30+ Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Everyone In Your Family

And yes, all options are perfect for storing candy, treats, and trinkets.

Easter Basket Ideas
Mike Garten

Come Easter, your kids will probably be focused on what's inside the basket: chocolate, jelly beans, small gifts, and other festive treats. And while any ol' store-bought option will do, consider one of these clever DIY Easter basket ideas for the toddler, kid, teen, or adult in life. This way they'll remember — and hopefully re-use — your creation for years to come. The bunny-shaped chocolates? Not so much...

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Bunny Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
My Sister's Suitcase
Bunny Basket

If you have one of the Easter Bunny's pals at your house, he'll definitely stop by with treats. No ands, ifs, or buts about it.

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Fake Flower Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Mike Garten
Faux Flower Basket

First, use this basket to collect sweets. Then, leave it out on the table as an eye-catching centerpiece. To make, simply glue a variety of faux blooms around the base of the basket and top it off with a bow.

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Kids Baskets - Easter Basket Ideas
Design Improvised
DIY Kids' Easter Baskets

Your job: Stock up on foam letters, stickers, and ribbon. Your kid's job: everything else.

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Unicorn Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
I Heart Crafty Things
Unicorn Easter Basket

The holidays are a magical time for kids, which is why this mystical unicorn basket is fitting for your little one.

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Mini Bunny Tote Bag - Easter Basket Ideas
Nicole Baas for Style Me Pretty Living
Mini Bunny Tote Bags

These mini totes are adorable and perfect for babies who aren't quite ready to participate in the family's annual egg hunt.

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Golden Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Studio DIY
Golden Easter Basket

Looking for an Easter basket idea for teens? This glitzy gold version will them feel like the grown-up that they claim to be.

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Egg - Easter Basket Ideas
Studio DIY
Egg Easter "Basket"

Believe it or not, you can actually mail a through USPS. After you decorate and fill the egg, tape it up and mail it to somebunny you love.

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Yarn-Wrapped Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Scott Clark for 100 Layer Cakelet
Yarn-Wrapped Easter Basket

Dress up a simple Easter basket by wrapping yarn around the handle and letting a few tassels hang loose.

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DIY Easter Basket for Adults - Easter Basket Ideas
Lovely Indeed
DIY Adult Easter Basket

This clever Easter basket is perfect for adults who love home decor (plants, especially!) as much as they love chocolate.

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Mason Jar Easter Baskets - Easter Basket Ideas
Nest of Posies
Mason Jar Easter Basket

If you're short on space — traveling to Grandma's, perhaps? — fill up mason jars with Easter candy. For an extra festive touch, top jars with a cheeky pair of bunny ears.

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Floral Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Design Improvised
Floral Easter Basket

Upgrade a basic basket by decorating it with silk flowers and colored ribbon.

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Hostess Gift Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Cake for Breakfast
Hostess Gift Easter Basket

Say "thank you" to your Easter brunch hostess with a basket full of her favorite things (read: wine and chocolate).

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Mini Fringe Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Studio DIY
Mini Fringe Easter Basket

These tiny baskets — made from plastic cups! — even make cute place card holders for brunch or dinner.

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Paper Flower Easter Bucket - Easter Basket Ideas
Brit & Co.
Paper Flower Easter Bucket

Transform a cheap pail into a cheerful Easter basket with your choice of craft paint and paper flowers.

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DIY Fry Box Treat Container - Easter Basket Ideas
Fry Box Treat Container

Follow these easy DIY steps to make these adorable bunnies out of unused fry boxes.

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Paper Bag Bunny - Easter Basket Ideas
Craftaholics Anonymous
Paper Bag Bunny

Surprise your kids at lunch with these cute paper bag bunnies filled with Easter treats.

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Giant Easter Egg Container - Easter Basket Ideas
Sugar & Cloth
Giant Easter Egg Container

Instead of a traditional basket, try filling a gigantic plastic egg with Easter goodies this year.

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Fresh Flower Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Brittni Mehlhoff
Fresh Flower Easter Basket

This Easter basket is so beautiful that you should leave it on your table all season long.

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Easter Carrot Treat Boxes - Easter Basket Ideas
Ella Claire
Easter Carrot Treat Boxes

Hand out small treats in these cute DIY carrot-shaped containers made from orange cardstock.

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Moss-Covered Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Michael Partenio
Moss-Covered Easter Basket

Let the basket do the talking: Stick twine-wrapped and paper-embellished eggs in this woodsy, moss-covered creation. To make, simply hot-glue craft-store moss to an inexpensive basket.

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No-Sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Trisha Zemp for House That Lars Built 
No-Sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket

This no-sew version only requires four materials and very little time. We promise.

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Micky and Minnie Easter Baskets - Easter Basket Ideas
This Fairy Tale Life
Micky and Minnie Easter Baskets

With a little bit of spray paint and felt, dress a plain wicker basket up like your favorite Disney characters.

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Birch Bark Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Damask Love
Birch Bark Easter Basket

We can picture this rustic basket in Chip and Joanna's house ... can you?

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Edible Cereal Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Erin Phraner
Edible Cereal Easter Basket

Your kids will be delighted with this homemade Easter basket that is — wait for it — completely edible. Fruity Pebbles for the win!

Get the tutorial for Edible Cereal Easter Baskets »

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Rain Boot Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
I Heart Arts N Crafts
Rain Boot Easter Basket

Instead of buying a basket that will only be used once a year, fill up a new pair of rain boots with small gifts this Easter.

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Bunny Tote Bag "Basket" - Easter Basket Ideas
Bunny Tote Bag "Basket"

Tie up this bunny's floppy ears to create the handle on this DIY tote.

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Crocheted Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
The Lavender Chair
Crocheted Easter Basket

Follow this free pattern to crochet an adorable Easter basket in the shape of a baby chick.

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Toy Truck Easter Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Making The World Cuter
Toy Truck Easter Basket

Instead of using a basket that will sit in storage until next year, try filling up toy trucks with treats that your kids will play with all year long.

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Easter Berry Basket - Easter Basket Ideas
Michael Partenio
Easter Berry Basket

Give guests a sweet send-off with cookies in craft-store berry baskets. Tape patterned scrapbook paper to baskets, and use the same paper for hangtags attached with twine.

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Easter Decoration Tiered Treat Basket
Michael Partenio
Tiered Easter Basket

To make this tower of treats, tape cut-to-fit craft paper around two empty 32-oz. yogurt cartons. Hot-glue an upside-down carton inside a large orchard basket, then glue a medium basket on top. Repeat with other carton and small basket. Finish it off with festive treats and plenty of chocolate!

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