Asian sick little girl lying in bed with a high fever Flu or Cold? These Are the Most Common Flu Symptoms in Kids

The best things you can do right now? Wash hands and get the flu shot.

Herbal oil and lavender flowers The Best Essential Oils to Add to Your Bath Routine — And How to Do It Safely

Pick the wrong bottle and you could end up irritating your skin.

how to lose weight fast How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

We've got good news for spicy-food lovers.

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exercise equipment 9 Moves to Tone Your Whole Body, From Jillian Michaels

Skip the gym and do these at home!

Doctor applies bandage to preteen girl's arm following an immunization No, the Flu Shot Won't Give You the Flu

We're tackling the biggest flu myth of all time.

collagen peptides protein powder in scoop 5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking a Collagen Supplement

The existing evidence is shaky, but the potential benefits are impressive.

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Visit Sussex Why Meghan Markle Is Technically Having a 'Geriatric Pregnancy'

The Duchess of Sussex is set to become a first-time mom at 37, which makes her pregnancy high-risk.

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image People Have a Lot to Say About John Goodman's Weight Loss

The actor has lost a ton of weight since the '90s.

roasted pumpkin salad Here's What You Need to Eat for IBS

It's a pain-in-the-butt, but IBS is manageable.

facts about pumpkins, pumpkin facts 16 Pumpkin Facts That'll Make You Say "Oh My Gourd"

There's a whole history to the great orange globe.

Bowl Of Hot Oatmeal With Blueberries 4 Reasons Why Oatmeal Is the Ultimate Breakfast

It does a whole lot more than just keep you full.

Princess Eugenie scoliosis Princess Eugenie Spoke Out About the 8-Hour Scoliosis Surgery That Changed Her Life

"My surgeons inserted 8-inch titanium rods into each side of my spine and 1.5-half inch screws at the top of my neck."

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fasting Everything You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting, According to a Nutritionist

Whether you want to fast or not, everyone can steal one trick from this health trend.

Sandra Lee Breast Cancer Sandra Lee Gives Us a Deeper Look Into Her Breast Cancer Battle in a New Documentary

RX Early Detection: A Cancer Journey with Sandra Lee debuts tonight on HBO.

image How This 46-Year-Old Mom Lost 60 Pounds and Kept the Weight Off for 10+ Years

She's helping millions of women take back their health.

Turmeric supplement capsules. August 14, 2003. (LOS ANGELES TIMES PHOTO BY ^^^) Turmeric Supplements Were Just Linked to Liver Damage

You might want to think twice before popping herbal pills.

celebrities with breast cancer 28 Celebrities Open Up About Living With Breast Cancer

One common piece of advice: Go get that mammogram!

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image Menopause Doesn't Make Me Invisible

Society wants us to believe we can’t wear our hair long, or our skirts short. It’s a lie.

Sandra Lee's HBO documentary about her cancer Sandra Lee Is Opening Up About Her Battle With Breast Cancer in a New Documentary

Cameras were rolling during her double mastectomy surgery.

how to avoid the flu 12 Gross Habits You Need to Stop Right Now if You Want to Avoid the Flu

They may not seem like a big deal, but they're putting you at risk.

image A 7-Day, 1,400-Calorie Meal Plan

Bonus: Every recipe uses just one pot or pan.

Greg Manteufel A Kiss From a Dog Nearly Killed Me

A deadly bacteria found in dogs' mouths cost this man his limbs and nose.

Natural Resources Defense Council's STAND UP! for the Planet benefit - Arrivals Marcia Cross Just Posted a Photo Revealing Hair Loss From Anal Cancer

The Desperate Housewives star shared her diagnosis for the first time on Instagram.

An Airline Ignored My Nut Allergy, and I Almost Died In Front of My Kids When an Airline Served Nuts on My Flight, I Almost Died in Front of My Kids

Now I'm working to make sure the same thing won't happen to anyone else.

Why You Should Eat Avocado Every Single Day Why You Should Eat Avocado Every Single Day

Get your guac fix — your heart will thank you for it.

Banana Nutrition Facts Why You Should Eat a Banana Every Single Day

It's not just apples; a banana a day can keep the doctor away.

image “At 54, I Don’t Feel As Hopeful”: The Untold Story of Suicide in the U.S.

Those who are 45 and older face the greatest risk of ending their own life, so why do so many feel ignored?

What is activated charcoal good for–and does it really work? 8 Healthy Uses for Activated Charcoal — And 3 You Can Skip

Watch out: Some detox drinks actually deprive you of vitamins and minerals.

best canned coconut milk The Best Brands of Canned Coconut Milk You Can Buy

The cream of the crop — literally.

rupp family photo Blindness Can't Stop Me from Living the Life I Want to Live

"I can do just about anything except drive, and there’s Uber for that.”

image 8 Common Myths About Metastatic Breast Cancer

There's no cure, but you can take steps to live longer and better.

2018 G'Day USA Black Tie Gala People Rally Around Olivia Newton-John After She Announces Third Cancer Diagnosis

The 69-year-old actress is incredibly stoic as she battles the disease again.

Hamburgers on barbeque grill What You Need to Know About the Carnivore Diet

It works just like it sounds — and it's a totally terrible idea.

Chopped watermelon on blue plate 9 Fruits and Vegetables That Are Natural Diuretics

Feeling bloated? Hit the produce aisle.

Studio shot of drinks with lemon, lime and orange I Drank a Gallon of Water Every Day for a Month and This Is What Happened

Prepare to spend a whole lot of quality time with your bathroom.

Fresh plums background The 9 Healthiest Low-Sugar Fruits You Should Be Eating

Hunger pangs? These gems will fill you up while also cutting down on your glucose intake.

is coconut oil healthy Coconut Oil Isn't As Healthy As You Think It Is

It's been touted as a cure-all, but our nutritionist says proceed with caution.

is jamba juice healthy Is Jamba Juice Healthy? Smoothie Fans Might Not Like the Answer

Warning: Even a small cup can contain 58 grams of sugar.

How to Check If Your Children’s Advil Was Recalled Children's Advil Recalled Over Overdose Fears

Check your medicine cabinet immediately.

bacon and eggs The 5 Most Common Arguments for the Keto Diet, Debunked

When we advised against this trendy eating plan, social media didn't react very kindly.

image My Baby Girl Had a Heart Attack Before She Was Even Born

After I gave birth, Georgia cried twice — then went into cardiac arrest.

what to eat with an upset stomach The 8 Best Foods to Settle an Upset Stomach

Because no one wants to spend extra time on the porcelain throne.

belly fat burning foods 27 Super Foods That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat

Avocado toast is more than just a pretty fad.

metastatic breast cancer scar After a Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis, One Mom Is Encouraging Others to Ask the Right Questions

"I want my kids to know one day that their mom worked on something that could help people."

Healthy Options Pancakes or Waffles QUIZ: What's the Healthier Food Option?

Find out how smart you really eat, according to a nutritionist.

mashed rutabagas 9 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Eat Rutabaga

If you like potatoes, then you'll love rutabagas.

legs up wall 4 Things That Happened When I Did 'Legs Up the Wall' Pose at Work Every Day

Ditch the coffee break — five minutes of laying on your back can really make a difference.