The Best Smart Light Bulbs to Install in Your Home

It's never a bad time to brighten things up.

best smart light bulbs

The easiest way to make your home feel more connected? Upgrade to smart lighting. Yes, they'll likely cost more than a traditional bulb, but you'll get helpful features in return like timers, colors, dimming, and even voice control. The GolfHr Institute says these are the smart bulbs to add to your cart. Additional reporting by Emma Olsen.

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1 Top Lab Pick: Philips Hue Starter Kit

These bulbs have more than 16 million color variations and 50,000 shades of white, so we're pretty sure you'll land on the right ambiance for your home. The starter kit includes a hub (which connects with the bulbs and talks to Alexa or your Google Assistant) and two bulbs. You can also opt for 

2 GE C-Life

These bulbs allow you to have smart lighting in your home without the hefty price tag by controlling them via the accompanying . Just note, to use with Alexa, you'll have to purchase the  or an additional . 


This starter kit comes with a hub, remote control, and two LED light bulbs that can be controlled through the IKEA  or by a voice assistant. In the , users can group bulbs by room to control 'em all at once. 

4 LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb

This bulbs stands alone, meaning you don't need a hub or remote (even when using with a smart assistant). Everything is controlled within the  or by your voice, so you can adjust for color and brightness easily. 

5 Leviton Decora Smart Switch

Want the scheduling and app control of smart lighting without replacing every single one of your light bulbs? Opt for this smart switch instead. It can replace any wall switch and you'll get the benefit of being able to control your bulbs remotely using the accompanying .

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