Claire's Makeup Tests Positive for Asbestos

But customers who are still uncomfortable keeping the items in question can return them.

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This Mom Saved Her Kids From Being Abducted With One Important Lesson

All kids need to know about the "Tricky People" concept.

Ordering an "Angel Shot" at the Bar Could Save Your Life

You're going to want to tell all of your daughters and girlfriends about this.

6-year-old girl stands up to intruders
Watch This Brave 6-Year-Old Girl Stand Up to Intruders at Her Family's Store

Thankfully, she wasn't hurt — but she sure was courageous.

Hoverboards Have Destroyed Too Many Homes in Fire

If you own one of these "it" toys, we really need to talk about safety.

Bounce House Injuries Are on the Rise
Way more kids are getting hurt than a decade ago.
Do We Need Stricter Detergent Pack Rules?
A group of lawmakers think they're still too unsafe.
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Why Firefighters Couldn't Save This House
Everyone could learn from this crucial winter safety mistake.
Why This Elderly Couple Is Being Forced Out of Their Tiny House
County officials say it's unsafe, but they disagree.
How Long Do You Have to Escape a House Fire?
It's way less time than you think.
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The Hidden Dangers of Outdoor Lighting
Follow these rules for a safe (and pretty) season of entertaining on your patio.
Winter-Proof Your Car
Easy ways to avoid snow and ice catastrophes
baby stroller
Baby Stroller Testing

Get a behind-the-scenes look

морские контейнерные перевозки украина

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