Air Hogs Supernova Is the Hottest "Big Kid Toy" of 2018

Grab one now before they're out of stock!

You’ve likely heard that Scruff-a-Luvs and Pomsies are battling it out for the spot as hottest toy of 2018, but what if you’re looking for something a little less … fluffy? You’re in luck because everyone at GolfHr is obsessed with a hand-sized drone that’s just made its way to the market. The flying orb is and we promise it will blow away ever tween on your list.

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Air Hogs
Air Hogs Supernova
Air Hogs $39.90

We first heard about when Walmart listed them as one of their for 2018. When we reported on the news, hundreds of readers wanted to add one to their cart. On top of that, landed a spot as one of the GolfHr Institute’s coveted Toy Award Winners for 2018.

So what’s so great about it? For one, the indoor drone is designed with motion sensors, so kids can fly it around and perform tricks with just their hands — no remote needed! That means multiple people can control it at once as it flies through the air. To get started, just drop it from mid-air and the orb will take flight — in our test, kids were always super excited that the ball didn’t go crashing to the ground.

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On top of that, our toy experts found that Supernova was super durable, especially considering its price.

“We have broken drones that cost as much as $1,000 in the lab,” explained Rachel Rothman, chief technologist in the GolfHr Institute. “This one is $40 and we haven’t broken it yet!”

If you’re thinking of adding to your gift list, note that it’s for kids ages 8 and up. Unlike and , it’s still pretty easy to find stores that have Supernovas in stock, but we wouldn't hold out. Once the holidays get closer, we have a feeling they are going to fly off shelves.

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