Rent the Runway Launches Kids Service

Kids Clothes

Rent the Runway Launches New Service for Kids

No more shelling out for flower girl dresses!

Rothy's Launches New Kids' Sneakers

We NEED puppies, flames, rainbows, and octopus designs!

Target Kid Jeans Recalled Due to Laceration Hazard

Check your child's closet immediately.

Disney recalls infant onesies
Disney Is Recalling 10,000 Infant Onesies Because...

Luckily, no injuries have been reported yet.

The Scary Truth Behind Some Kids' Costumes

You might be surprised to see which outfits failed our flame test.

Name Brand Back-to-School Clothes Review
As with the bargain brands, the pricier ones yielded mixed results.
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old navy back to school clothes
Old Navy Back-to-School Clothes Review
The trendy Girlfriend Bootcut girls' jeans are more than fashionable; they're superbly sturdy and will still look great after lots of l…
target back to school clothes
Target Back-to-School Clothes Review
The Cherokee line warrants a look
kmart back to school clothes
Kmart Back-to-School Clothes Review
Second among the 10 pairs of boys' jeans we tested (after the virtually indestructible $26 Levi's), the Basic Editions Boys' Jeans will…
sears back to school clothes
Sears Back-to-School Clothes Review
Sewn with lots of reinforced stitching, Canyon River Blues boys' chest-striped T-shirts and Toughskins boys' polos are fine choices for…
walmart back to school clothes
Walmart Back-to-School Clothes Review
At $3.50 and $5, the Faded Glory boys' and girls' T-shirts are just right for stocking up
jcpenney back to school clothes
JCPenney Back-to-School Clothes Review
Among the 16 girls' tops tested, JCPenney's Arizona polo came in second after the category-winning Lacoste at less than half its price
Safe Sleepwear for Kids Video
The GolfHr Research Institute tested kids' cotton pajamas to see how safe they are
Child Robe Dangers Video
Textiles Director Kathleen Huddy fire-tests robes to see if they meet federal requirements
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jcpenney clothes
Back to School
Bargain clothes that last