One of Kate Middleton's Favorite Hair Products Is Less Than $20

Yes, you can finally get her shiny locks without breaking the bank.

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It's not easy to dress like royalty, no matter how badly you might want to do so. The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't exactly shop at Target. But getting royalty-worthyhair is a whole different story.

Kate's haircare routine is actually pretty affordable, minus the whole "professional stylist who travels everywhere you go" aspect.

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According to , the royal's stylist Amanda Cook Tucker shared the products she packs when traveling with the royal family in a now-deleted Instagram post. Luckily for all of us non-royals, the publication revealed that Tucker uses ($16, ) on Kate's hair.

kate middleton hair products

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It's a formulated with the brand's "Silk Groom" technology which, in addition to actual silk, contains jojoba oil and proteins to keep strands strong, smooth, and soft. While not as inexpensive as the $2.80 hairspray Tucker also uses, according to People, it still won't hit your wallet too hard. Besides, its worth it if you want to emulate Kate's elegant waves.

If the royal stamp of approval isn't enough for you, the product also boasts some glowing online reviews. One they've used it for 20 years and writes, "If want you want smooth, silky, Charlotte York-type hair — this is what you need in your life. Unlike other shine products on the market, it NEVER looks heavy or greasy."

So, it's good enough for Kate and at least one enthusiastic Sephora reviewer. What exactly are you waiting for?

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