25 Easter Nail Art Ideas You Have to Try This Spring

You should hop on these trends, ASAP.

Easter Nail Art Ideas

Inspired by the spring's favorite bunny, sunshine, and bright florals, these Easter manicures are sure to put you in a celebratory mood. Pick your trend or holiday icon and your nails will be ready to impress family and friends alike.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Polka Dots and Peter Cottontail Nails

The Easter Bunny is coming ... to your nails! Using a white polish like Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Color in White On, paint these little guys on your middle and index fingers, then decorate the rest of your tips with cute polka dots.

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Easter Nail Designs
Delicate Gems

You can't go wrong with a lavender base, and the yellow and blue rhinestones make it even more special.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
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Neutral Floral Nails

If you want to embrace spring — but don't love sugary pastels — opt for a navy and nude manicure — Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Soothing Sapphire and Essie's Perennial Chic were used here — with a floral accent nail. It's bold, soft and, best of all, seasonal.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Pink Triangle Nails

Geometric designs make these yellow nails look like fun Easter eggs.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Holographic Pastel Nails

Add some edge to your Easter look with negative space and holographic details.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Simple Sage Nails

Not one for nail art? A plain sage green mani still whispers spring but will look super cute well beyond Easter Sunday.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
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Floral Accent Nails

Why do just one accent nail on each hand when you could do two? Even better: Draw attention to your floral fingertips by using a shimmering silver polish, like China Glaze Nail Lacquer Platinum Silver in the center of the flowers.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
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Pretty in Pink Nails

The accent nail in this manicure is reminiscent of a cute dress you might have worn on Easter Sunday as a child. Get a similar pink shade with OPI Nail Lacquer in It's a Girl.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Cotton Candy Mod Nails

This mod manicure embraces negative space and has us dreaming of cotton candy clouds and bright blue skies.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Speckled Egg Nails

It doesn't get more Easter than this speckled egg-inspired mani. Pro tip: File your nails into an oval shape so they're more egg-like.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Minty Fresh Nails

Simple, chic, and totally office-appropriate, this minty green mani is perfect for rocking on Easter — and wearing to work all spring long. The makes it so chic!


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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Cosmetic Cupcake
Sweet Chick Nails

If you can draw dots, a triangle, and a squiggly line then you can totally master this cute manicure. While a handful of baby chicks may come off as childish, just one among solid, rich yellow nails — we recommend OPI's Sun Sea and Sand in My Pants — is the perfect accent.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Diagonal Dipped Nails

Sub in any color (here, lilac and peach are oh-so-sweet) for a geometric take on solid polish.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Copycat Claw
Stunning Studded Nails

Add a little texture to your typical polish with small "studs" in a contrasting color. Keep things in the pastel family to avoid this multidimensional mani looking too busy.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Easter Basket Nails

Why choose one color when you can pick a bunch? Turn your nails into Easter eggs with the classic squiggles and dots while showing off all your fave spring shades in one adorable pastel mani.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Eternal Sunshine Nails

Not one for big patterns and fancy designs? Try this dainty mani with just a tiny triangle cutout along the moons of your nails. It's as simple and festive as those yellow Peeps.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Go Green Nails

Get fresh for spring with a dusty, diagonal pattern in this white-on-green design.

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easter nail art
Rosy Disposition Nails

Go shimmery-chic with this bold rose, magenta, and purple mani that elongates your nails with a vertical design.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Striped Nails

Play with vertical and horizontal space to create a modern geometric mani in delightfully spring shades.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
The Nailasaurus
Swish Swipe Nails

Would you believe this triple-colored design is pretty easy to accomplish? All you need: three colors and a ! Vary the shades to fit any other occasion — or just to match your outfit.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Baby Blue Nails

Using ombre and stamping techniques, this gorgeous design will make your tips truly stand out at the holiday brunch.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Wild At Heart Nails

Who says pretty pastel shades have to be tame? This funky leopard design is both edgy and adorable. The tweens at the Easter gathering will be totally impressed.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Floral Fingertip Nails

It's like a bouquet for your nails! Pick a few bold, bright colors, paint on some blossoms, and don't worry if your flowers aren't precise — the imperfect quality of this design adds to its watercolor appeal.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Pastels in Plaid Nails

Amp up a simple white mani with a preppy touch. Swap in your favorite Easter colors and patterns — you can't go wrong.

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Easter Nail Art Ideas
Fishtail Nails

Re-create a "braided" Easter basket with this impressive manicure that's way easier than it looks.

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