25+ Valentine's Day Nail Art You'll Absolutely Adore

The most fun ways to get date-night ready!


Wear your heart on your nails with one of these super-sweet manicure designs. Bold shapes, sugary hearts and that classic red and white color palette will have you feeling the love in no time.

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Kiss Prints

Make it look like someone — someone with very tiny lips — has planted one on each of your nails by painting slightly imperfect kiss marks with a red nail polish like OPI Big Apple Red ($10.50, ) on a nude backdrop.

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Color Block

A candy-pink base — like CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Be Demure ($10.50, ) — and bold pinkish-red stripe make a lovely statement that won't be missed. 

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Elizabeth Griffin
Heart to Heart

You'll want to file your nails into an almond shape before creating little ovals on the outer tips of your nails. Let your heart art dry completely before finishing with a clear top coat to prevent smudging and voilà. 

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Glitz N Dirt
Dreamy Half Moons

We're over the moon about this cotton-candy-colored mani, but our favorite part is the minuscule . How cute are they?

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So Nailicious
Cosmic Love

Love have you seeing stars? Channel that celestial feeling through this space-inspired manicure using Essie Luxeffects Topcoat Nail Color in Stroke of Brilliance ($9, ).

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The Nailasaurus
Sugar, Sugar

Celebrate the only time of year when these delightful little candies are absolutely everywhere. Don't just eat them — put them on your mani, too! Use Bundle Monster Stamping Plates ($12, ) to get a picture-perfect finish.

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Eye Heart You

Not all Valentine's Day manicures have to be quiet, sweet and subtle. Get funky with this bold, blue-and-pink graphic design.

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Courtesy of TK
Pile on Hearts

It looks tricky, but this mani is actually pretty easy to recreate. Start with your favorite light pink as a base — we recommend Essie's Need a Vacation ($9, ) — and add on layers of pink and red, just with a slight curve that mimics a heart.

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So Nailicious
Butter Me Up

Don't feel like you have to stick to traditional colors like pink and red. Unexpected shade like buttery yellow — in this case, Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish in Unicorn ($7, ) — and black work just as well with heart shapes.

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Instagram/Paintbox Nails
Funky Reds

Experiment with negative space for a cool, modern look by using two shades, keeping an empty diagonal gap between them. Pick similar colors like red and scarlet for a coordinated look or opt for contrasting hues to achieve a less-than-subtle style.

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Conversation Starter

Inspired by everyone's favorite Valentine's Day candy, this blogger used pale shades of blue, yellow, pink, and purple, plus a few shiny accents to capture the essence of Candy Hearts.

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Maryam Maquillage
Dock of Love

Valentine's fan or not, we can all agree that this manicure is too cute not to try. Even better, on the 15th you can simply paint over the accent nail with red — we love Essie's Really Red ($9, ) — and your lovely manicure goes from Valentine's Day appropriate to fun for the rest of the month.

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Chalkboard Nails
A Little Rosy

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without roses — they are the flower of love after all. Nail blogger Sarah painted these pretty petals freehand, but if tackling a bouqet feels too daunting, there are always decals.

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Clover + Dot
A Heart of Gold

We can't get over how sweet that little gold heart is. Use a shimmery polish like Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Go for Gold ($6, ) to get a glistening finish.

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Unexpected French

Turn your head just slightly — see the hearts? After you've mastered the traditional French manicure, swap in red and black polish, and add a little triangle for your own vampy version.

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One Nail to Rule Them All
Spell It Out

Inspired by Scrabble, this mani deserves way more than nine points. Use a beige shade like Butter London Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer in Dapper ($18, ) to mimic the look of the game pieces.

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Goodie Bag

If you can't decide one just one design to do, why not try five different ones? This variety of Valentine's Day nail art is perfect for the most indecisive mani lovers.

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Dressed Up Nails
Stained Glass

Hearts? Check. Pretty colors? Check. Totally impressive design? This manicure has it all, including a great opportunity to practice using a .

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Petite Peinture
Just Add Stripes

Who knew that baby blue would be the new color of love? Just add a bit of and a touch of pink glitter for a whole lot of pretty.

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Born in '82
A Bit of Sparkle

If you're already rocking pale pink on your tips, add a bit of for a chic half moon design.

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Isla Everywhere
Shades of Pink

Tips chipping on your red mani? Add a swipe of pink in seconds for a color-blocked look.

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Square Space

This design is oh-so-subtle, yet totally unique and pretty when you get a little closer. Add a pretty set of rings to jazz up the overall look.

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Instagram/Shantel Perez
Sharing Heartbeats

Talk about poetic — this minimalist manicure turns your nails into a heart monitor with a , complete with a little extra "love" for your pointer finger.

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Instagram/Paintbox Nails
Mod Moon

How adorable is this ? It's like calorie-free candy dots at the tip of your fingers. Plus, you can simply switch up the colors for any other holiday.

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Glittery & Gorgeous

Find a new purpose for your makeup sponge by using it to recreate this adorable design that combines all things sweet: glitter, pink, and pastels.

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Double Waves

Play with texture on your nails by swirling matte and glossy designs in this cool magenta take on the typical striped manicure.

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