11 Toenail Designs That Make Having Feet More Fun

These pedicures are mini masterpieces!

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Your fingernails shouldn't get to have all the fun. While nail art designs are all over our Instagram feeds, it's time to bring the trend down to your feet. While the weather is still warm, we love the idea of taking our socks off and admiring a flower, geometric design, or hey, maybe even a pineapple!

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toe nail designs
Colorful Stripes

What a fun way to wear all your favorite colors at once! Use a shimmery gold polish like Butter London's The Full Monty to neatly separate each shade.

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toe nail art designs
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Floral Accents

Let your big toe make a (BIG) statement with bold flowers in complementary colors.


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Toe Nail Designs
Geometric Accents

We love the idea of focusing on two different nails for accent art — especially chic and simple lines like these, which you can create flawlessly with striping tape.

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toe nail designs
Shimmering Leaves

The same glittery polish on the bottom of the smaller toes' ombre effect is used to fill in the leaves on this delicate design.

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Toe Nail Designs

We felt like we were shot by Cupid's arrow when we stumbled upon this design. You can recreate it with stickers or a thin nail art brush (and a steady hand).

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Toe Nail Designs
Corresponding Corals

Nothing beats a good accent nail. This time, pair your hands and feet with the orangey-pink shade for summer vibes all year round.

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Toe Nail Designs

This playful design is super-simple but makes a big impact, especially with the other toes in a solid color to match.

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toe nail designs

The most amazing element of this pro-level pedicure — in addition to the glittery ombre and amazing stars — is the picture perfect cartoon-style unicorn design with slightly raised details for more dimension.

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Toe Nail Designs

Bring your dream tropical vacation to your toes with this adorable pink-and-green design. Trust us: The flamingo toes are a definite conversation starter.

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Toe Nail Designs

Make your toes pop with this frozen dessert-inspired pedicure. With various colors and flavors of popsicles, you can stay cool with this adorable design.

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toe nal designs 
Embellished French Pedicure

The French pedicure is made even more feminine with a along the cuticle of the second toe.

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