12 Dead Serious Ways to Wear Coffin Nails

Because long nails give you more to work with.

coffin nails
Instagram/ Nails By Lisa and Coconut Couture

Long nail lovers, rejoice! This long, tapered shape with a flat top — a.k.a. "ballerina nails" — is totally on-trend. Check out these gorgeous designs, ranging from simple (dare we say, practical?) to totally extravagant.

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coffin nails
Instagram/ NailsandBeautyLounge_Brandon
Sparkly Accent Nail

If you're going to bother with an accent nail, you might as well go BIG. Dress up your ring finger with glitter polish, crystals, and rhinestones.

What you'll need: nail crystals ($9, )

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coffin nails 
Instagram/ LavishDaySpa
Dramatic Gradient

Here's the perfect look for when you want to add color to your nails but are afraid of commitment.

What you'll need: nail brush ($10, )

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coffin nails 
Instagram/ LexeLuCouture
Extra Long Coffin Nails

Sure, typing might be nearly impossible with these tips but at least you'll have gorgeous Instagram pics.

What you'll need: matte top coat ($6, )

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coffin nails 
Instagram/ Coconut.Couture
Neon Nails

Add some color to your life — and your nails — with neon nails, glitter, and rhinestone studs.

What you'll need: neon yellow nail polish ($7, )

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coffin nails 
Instagram/ LexeluCouture
Laced Up

Paint an elegant lacy pattern on your accent nail, then dress the rest of your mani up with pretty studded embellishments.

What you'll need: nail rhinestones ($5, )

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coffin nails 
Instagram/ Coconut.Couture
Dripping in Gold

Go luxe by painting your two center nails a glitzy shade of gold, then leaving the rest a creamy white.

What you'll need: white nail polish ($11, )

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coffin nails
Instagram/ Fi.Nail.Ly
Baby Blue Nails

Just because your nails are ultra-long doesn't mean they have to be dramatic. This soft pastel blue shade keeps the manicure subtle — and perfect for stacking delicate rings.

What you'll need: blue nail polish ($9, )

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coffin nails
Instagram/ NailsByOlivia.Van
Rosy Nails

Match your mani to your favorite lipstick with a rosy nail polish in a satin finish.

What you'll need: rose nail polish ($9, )

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coffin nails 
Instagram/ King_Chemere
Gold Glitter Nails

Holographic, metallic nails are totally trending. Why not take your shimmer to the next level with this long, strong shape?

What you'll need: gold glitter nail polish ($9, )

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coffin nails 
Matte Nails

Playing with texture keeps things fun, so skip the glossy topcoat and instead try a matte finish. Then, add a cool statement nail to each hand.

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coffin nails 
Lovely Lilac Nails

A sweet, flattering shade of pale purple looks beautiful with this long, feminine shape. Add an on-trend round-faced watch and a few shiny rings to make this look ultra-luxe.

What you'll need: lilac nail polish ($11, )

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coffin nails
Blue Moon Nails

High-shine nails in a chic bold cobalt shade? Yes, please.

What you'll need: blue nail polish ($8, )

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