38 Nail Designs That Are So Perfect for Fall

Changing leaves have nothing on these gorgeous ideas.

Fall Nail Design Ideas
Pshiiit/Paintbox/Studio Bari

From dark and moody motifs to back-to-school designs, these nail art ideas will have you — and your nails — covered all autumn long.

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Super Spooky

The ultimate set of Halloween nails includes a rotten tooth, Winifred Sanderson, and even a Ouija board.

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Pumpkin Fall Nail Design
Party Pumpkins

Whether you're fall-obsessed or Cinderella's No. 1 fan, you'll love these glittery pumpkins positioned right at your nail bed.

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Crescent Moon Fall Nail Design
Crescent Moon

This manicure is super simple, but makes a huge statement. You'll easily fall for this spooky and chic design.

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Gold Foil Orange Fall Nail Design
Gold Foil

Autumn-friendly burnt orange and gold foil will make your nails ready to wrap around a pumpkin spice latte.

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Bejeweled Fall Nail Art
Courtesy of Love Maegan

Who says your nails can't look as luxe as your jewelry? Pick a few of your fave fall shades and add a little embellishment for an elegant overall look.

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Dark Crystal Fall Nail Art
Dark Crystal

This gorgeous nail art by CND takes a classic fall oxblood manicure to a magical new level by layering holographic mylar accents over their and shades for a crystal-like effect.

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Stained Glass Windows Fall Nail Design
Stained Glass Windows

Mimic the look of beautiful stained glass windows with this stunning, angular manicure. Add a touch of glitter to spice things up even more.

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Mauve and Metallic Fall Nail Art
YouTube/Kimberly Clark
Mauve and Metallic

If you're not quite ready to dive into fall's darker colors, mauve is the perfect transitional shade. Here, Kimberly Clark layered half moons and triangles over OPI's to make the muted color more festive.

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Black Marble Fall Nail Art
Black Marble

The secret to marbleizing black, gray, white and gold polish: ! It's a gorgeous idea for fall formal events.

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Rose Gold Chrome Fall Nail Design
Rose Gold Chrome

This clever manicure was created with but warmed up to fall-friendly rose gold by painting nails with an orange polish underneath. So pretty!

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Cherry Bomb Ombre Fall Nail Design
Cherry Bomb Ombre

It's time to switch from your summer pastels to your fall reds and purples! Better yet, a gradient that's as chic as it is seasonal.

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Reverse French Tip Fall Nail Art
Reverse French Tip

Change up a traditional French tip by creating a reverse design. Neutral colors keeps it looking classic.

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Half Moon Fall Nail Design
Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com
Half Moon With a Twist

Yes, red nails are classic — but this gold-and-blood orange design is anything but ordinary.

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Torn Paper Fall Nail Design
Torn Paper

Not ready to give up your summer brights yet? Pair beach-y shades like aqua with autumn hues like deep ivy for a transitional look.

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Real Feathers Fall Nail Design
Real Feathers

That's right — this design doesn't just require polish. You'll need feathers, too. And while it's slightly harder than the average mani, it's the perfect way to hone your skills and get a gorgeous style for fall.

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Single Stripe Fall Nail Design
Single Stripe

Once the bright white shades of summer have disappeared from our nails, it's time to aim for something a little warmer. Try a beautiful beige color, then achieve the world's easiest nail art by drawing a thin, single line down one nail per hand.

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Navy Studs Fall Nail Design
Navy Studs

If your style is one part elegant and two parts edgy, this cool jewelry-inspired manicure is perfect for you.

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French Plum Fall Nail Design
French Plum

French manicures don't have to just be white and pink — sometimes, a more subtle contrast can be just as stunning. Case in point: This deep plum manicure looks good enough to eat.

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Festive Leaves Fall Nail Art
Courtesy of Cosmopolitan.com
Festive Leaves

These leaves are more artsy than realistic — just how we like them. And the colors are really fun.

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Tortoiseshell Fall Nail Design

With blonde and tortoiseshell hair colors still trending, it makes sense that these earthy shades would become fall nail art too.

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Metallic Chevron Fall Nail Art
Metallic Chevron

This idea takes chevron to the next level by switching up where the placement on each nail. Pair ivy with a metallic gold or silver to make your pattern pop.

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Apple Red Fall Nail Design
Apple Red

Shimmery, striped, and oh-so-bright, this manicure looks as deliciously red as a candy apple.

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Gold Sparkles Fall Nail Design
Gold Sparkles

Even sparkles can be subtle. Keep things simple and sweet using pastel pinks plus the tiniest bit of gold.

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Fall Splatter Fall Nail Design
Fall Splatter

Before Halloween season truly gets started, give yourself a subtly spooky manicure. Bonus: It looks great on short nails too!

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Matte vs. Glossy Fall Nail Design
Matte vs. Glossy

Divide your nails into two parts: one glossy, one matte. The result is a cool, modern-looking manicure that's just right to pair with your favorite leather jacket.

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French Chevron Fall Nail Design
French Chevron

Want your hands to look a little slimmer? Try this elongating design that draws the eye toward the tips of your fingers.

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Triangle Cutout Fall Nail Art
Triangle Cutout

Take an edgy manicure like an angular cutout design and make it more subtle for work by using a totally on-trend pastel shade.

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Ombré Dip Dye

A new take on the ever-popular ombré trend, this dip dye manicure is only for the most artsy beauty lovers.

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Leafy Accent fall nail art
Leafy Accent

Step up your gold glitter mani by painting on a lovely little orange leaf atop a shimmering gradient background.

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iridescent fishtail fall nail art
Iridescent Fishtail

This geometric mani may take some extra time, but it looks so cool once you've finished it. Pick jewel tones like these for a glamorous look, or substitute them for fall colors like orange, gold and brick for an autumnal feel.

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