Kate Hudson's SAG Awards Dress Sparked a Lot of Commotion

"I can't even come up with a snarky comment, it's so awful."

What's pink, frilly, designed by Valentino, and causing a commotion on Twitter? No, not Nicole Kidman's Critics' Choice Awards dress. That was two weeks ago! This time, we're talking about the dress Kate Hudson wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards. And we're definitely not the only ones talking about it!

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Twitter is full of live dress commentary during award-show red carpet broadcasts, but nothing seemed to fire up the tweeting masses last night quite like Kate's tiered, bubblegum-pink gown with a high black lace neck, black velvet ribbon belt, and heart-shaped black polka dots. It was just too much whimsy for some people to handle.

Kate Hudson's dress. Um, wow. I can't even come up with a snarky comment, it's so awful.

— Dusty Old Qrow (@ScarlettNinja3)

Oh, don't worry, Aimée, plenty of other people did.

Kate Hudson's dress looks like someone was like "take the prom dress from Pretty in Pink but make it more like you're on Hee Haw."

— AnikaChapin (@AnikaChapin)

Dear god, Kate Hudson's stylist hates her That dress is hideous on so many levels

— Mattie (@PrincessMattie1)

Kate Hudson's dress looks like something Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke would wear. To Church

— Rissa (@Risssaar)

"that's a very very very stupid dress" - grandma, on Kate Hudson.

— Romy White (@TaraNotTahra)

Would everyone on the GoodHousekeeping.com staff wear Kate Hudson's dress? No. (Though a few of us would!) But we're all in favor of having fun with fashion, and so are some more open-minded Twitter users.

Surely I can’t be the only one who loves Kate Hudson’s dress 💕

— Lauren 🌸🔮💖 (@LaurenNicholls)

I love Kate Hudson’s hair and dress! Stunning.

— J Gan (@blueyedguy86)

Amen, Megan!

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