Blake Bakkila

Blake Bakkila

Associate Editor

Blake is the Associate Editor for covering beauty, celebrity, holiday entertaining, and other lifestyle news. If she's not at her desk, she's probably running through Central Park or to the nearest ice cream store.

Classic Movies on Netflix
The 30 Best Classic Movies Streaming on Netflix Right Now

An Indiana Jones marathon is always a good idea.

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These Jeans Will Solve All Your Annoying Denim Problems

You can look taller and leaner in cuts you never imagined pulling off.

Roma - Sad Movies On Netflix
30 Sad Movies on Netflix That Will Make You Bawl Your Eyes Out

From historical drama to heartbreaking romance, there's something for everyone.

full moon rituals
Here's Exactly When the Full Moon Is Happening in March

There's potentially spiritual power behind it!

cute summer  captions
30 Best Summer Instagram Captions for All of Your Sun-Kissed Photos

"Seize" and "seas" is one of our favorite swaps.

Make-up brushes
How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes in 5 Super Easy Steps

It's oddly satisfying to watch all that blush and bronzer go down the drain.

How to Sell Your Clothes Online So That You Actually Make Some Money

If donating isn't an option, here's the next best thing.

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how to look younger
20 Easy Ways to Look Younger, According to Experts

Who knew strawberries were a natural collagen booster?

Best Deals You'll Find On Amazon Over Presidents' Day Weekend
presidents' day sale
Here's Where to Save Big on Furniture, Clothes, and Tech This Presidents' Day

Bookmark this for later because you won't want to miss these deals.

presidents' day mattress sale
The Most Insane Mattress Sales Happening This Weekend

Prepare for the coziest (and most affordable) sleep ever.

Presidents' Day Sales Will Give You a Great Deal on Furniture
The Presidents' Day Furniture Sales Are Hot, Hot, Hot

Don't pass up buying that new couch you've been eyeing.

Best Deals on Appliances During Presidents' Day Weekend
Where to Score Major Appliance Deals This Presidents' Day

You seriously can't beat some of these amazing sales.

Best Dry Shampoos
7 Best Dry Shampoos to Maintain Volume, Thickness, and Texture

Because a great week means you only had to wash your hair once.